Toronto 2018 Edition


It’s coming. lol


if anyone in toronto wants to get some casuals in on fridays, check out UTSF:


Anyone still play 3S? I haven’t played in forever, but would love to get some casuals in. I’m downtown during the week (Ryerson). I could bring my laptop and stick.


Wow I didn’t expect this to be the last post I found in the thread since I came to see if anyone was posting about 3s. I still play and am downtown.


I realize your post is a bit old, but I’ve got a Qanba Q4 (dual mod) in like-new condition that I’m looking to sell.


Hi Toronto, I’m putting on an LGBT-friendly tournament on June 15th for TorontoGaymers. It’s going to be small but it’s sponsored by GDLK, A&C Games, Canadian Joysticks and Fuel+ coffee shop.

Here’s all the info on SRK: [JUNE 15TH, 2013] TOG CLASH presented by TorontoGaymers Fight Club

Facebook event page:


Is there a MVC2 scene down in T.O.? I can’t play the game online cuz i have no PS3/Xbox LIVE and I’m debating on spending more time with it. I love the game but I have next to no resources to playing with non-CPUs
EDIT: aw shoot read a bit more of the thread, Green, up to play games?


Are there any other gamers from Toronto heading to EVO?
I’m interested in meeting more members from the community.

Maybe do a lunch or dinner and get in some casuals before, during and after the tourney.
Ideally like the ‘Canada Room’ that was the most happening spot at EVO 2011

Lemme know
Kid Flow


Hey guys, thought I’d post here first before the trading outlet. I’m selling a Namco stick, modded with sanwa parts for $65. I’ve also got a ps2 -> USB converter (pelican I believe) which I can throw in there for another $10.

If anyone’s interested please shoot me a PM so we can talk details, pics etc. I live in North York as well.


It’d be great to get enough people for some A&C meetups, even if it was only once a month or so. I’ve never played 3S offline.


I’m new to the city, where can i get some games. I heard about ac games in chinatown, but that’s the extent of my knowledge lol.

I live by the queensway and islington.
I mainly play ae, but i can play sfxt, tekken, kof, 3s, and some older games.


A&C Games right by Spadina station is the best place to start. TorontoTopTiers does Capcom casuals on Wednesday nights. $5 to get into A&C World

Everybody in the GTA… TorontoGaymers are doing their next quarterly LGBT-friendly tournament at A&C Games on September 28th. SF4, Marvel, $100 pot bonus for Injustice. [Sept 28 2013] Toronto Gaymers CLASH Fall 2013 (Toronto, Ontario)

  • anyone do Virtua Fighter 5 casuals in the GTA?


Is this A&C Games on going every week? I am back to Canada for 10 days and would like to get some actions to see how much everyone improved. Maybe some MM’s to make it more fun hahah. I haven’t played the ae version yet since they don’t have that in Hong Kong arcades. And I meant they only got the old SSFIV T.T


Come to TOSF HQ tonight. A bunch of us will be there and we’ll probably BBQ as well. Heck lets do a UltraCalvin vs new Calvin MM


I’ll arrive tomorrow (wed). Anything happening wed or onwards?


Yea, come to my place for casuals, Wilson is probably going to be there. I’ll pm you my phone #


I’m visiting toronto for a night next weekend, where are you good arcades at? I’m staying downtown, but I’m willing to travel a bit.


So nobody uses SRK anymore? Looks like Facebook groups are where it’s at now


tbh I just check this thread once in a blue moon to see if anyone wants to start a 3S, Vsav, Jojo’s, KoF 98 or MvC2 revival at A&C or something.

Someone is trying to revive local ST, which would be great… I dream of a Toronto classic fighters tournament :open_mouth: