Toronto 2018 Edition


Hmm, I might check it out, just before Toryuken.



Which arcades are left in Toronto? Is the 3S scene still around? What about ST?



I don’t know, but you can drop by A&C World at around the intersection of College and Spadina. People play 3S on PS3 from time to time, and occasionally Unessential brings his Supergun setup for ST. It’s a pretty cool place, if I say so myself.



Yo! Moving there in a few weeks because of work from Cali. I hope this is the right thread to post this on…but would love to meet and play some of you locals. Also what Internet service providers would you recommend. I play a handful of Canadians online and it’s usually lag free. Thanks for any input!



What days and where do these locals go down? Is there a scene for ST or SFxT?



Get rekt Toronto



For ST in Toronto, your best bet is to hook up with the active Facebook group:



I’m here to shill for Meltdown.

Twitter: @MeltdownToronto

In all seriousness tho, I’m part of the team bringing the eSports bar to TO, a few streets away from A&C. We’re opening in a few months if the licenses and permits allow. Once we’re open, you can hang out to watch the stream once you get eliminated from a tourney :stuck_out_tongue:



Is there an active group in Markham? If so, is there a facebook page with planned events?



Dropping into Toronto for 3 days (Sun-Tues) next week, anywhere likely to have SF fights other than A&C?



Dear Toronto FGC (especially anything pre 2009)

This site as we know is closing down and I just want to say it was my honour and pleasure to have shit the shoot here.

I was so into this scene that my schedule legit use to be go to school, go to down town fun land during breaks and after class and play the hell out of 3s
mostly (fun fact, I actually started playing GG there first as my favourite fighter {still to this day} ) Then Thursday and Friday nights I’d sneak a take my dads car and drive all the way to Loveghetty and play till the am. Saturday (possibly my most favourite day), I’d get up and have a small small ass brunch because I know I was going to feast like a champion when I get to Orbit (Pacific mall). Anyone that was an Orbit regular knew it was a sin not to have food at Pacific Mall. Id try to get to Orbit in between the hours of 1-2pm.

By the time you had had your first real break it was always like 7-8pm, time literally just flew in that place. Orbit had the best of the best players in practically most games. From a World class 3s scene to a lucky if we break top 16 at a major in Marvel, to the beginning to your current anime scene (some players still around), every game was represented.

Alas, a majority of this stuff was because we all used to post it all here … GGs Srk, it was real

(you can still ppls history if you click the avatars and follow their chats lol… boy were some of you shameless lol)