Toronto 3s results @ Metro [nov 15]


Dennis Wong - Ryu

Eric Liu - Chun (the js master)
Chachaman - Oro
Stephen - Yun/Yang (darkdragon)
Bryan - Ken(forgot your name)

Gordon - Chun (tigerlee)
Kin - Yun/12 (kymah)

Jason M - Ken
Ian - Akuma/Alex(kid dynamite?)

Antoine - Dudley/Urien (aneurysm x)

Will - Ken/Makoto (will)

Adam - Ryu/Ken (adam b)

Jay - Dudley (yellows4)

ahhh, gg guys. A big fuck you to Gordon for talking mad shit, yet winning games and forcing someone to quit…HAHAHA


Gordon you’re my hero. Jur suck… wow.


yea i can’t super… oh well 3s sux, all about ST


thats why moi lost in superturbo…
and didn’t get 3rd place in 3s
and lost to roll scrub tony


seriously u need to stfu fucking dumb fuck, o ya roll scrub who come in 5th place o ya very good, next time plz walk your ass home.u allways been talkin shit about me and i been givin u rides n shit. had enough out of your mouth. fucking stupid ass 15 year old.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jay is too good posting the last place like that. what kind of loser would drive somebody he doesnt like home. by the way yall cant beat nebraska in 3s.


Dennis you shoulda came and talked shit like i did


Tony, get your finger off your nose and take a closer look at the post. It was the fake “J S Master”.


jiggabry damnit


i woulda owned jay for free. :o

:evil: :evil: :evil:





come to montreal’s tourney in january. i’m trying to make it :smiley:


you lie. you won’t be there.
i’m still taking your money though


TRYING to make it. there’s 3 tournaments in january, and one of them is close to home so i HAVE to make that one [plus, it’s my peoples running it, and im running the 3S portion]…

that leaves the one in charlotte, NC, and montreal…i want to go to all 3, but i don’t think i’ll be able to get off work 3 weekends in the month…:frowning: but i’m trying my best :mad: