Toronto April '07 Thread

i just realize Toronto does not have a new generation to replace us in the arcade community:sad:

Darkdragon, where is my avatar? please make me one:lovin:

The Time of Retribution.

Decide The Destiny.

There’s still a few under 20 players in the community. (myself included)

If you haven’t already guessed it, I have alot of avs to make and u weren’t the 1st person in line to ask.
Ive got a few fucked up requests to do so ppl be patient.

was just a frdly reminder, but i see fire
i am not trying make a big deal, so just drop me off from ur list to make things easy, thank you

anyone got a good forum about MBAC? or video updates that are NOT from youtube?

loli bait av

I am the only person thats allowed to have a mbac avatar

Thx justin for running mvc2 big big big big help. Fuk you matt POS pad player…still don’t know how I lost. Thanks genn for losing on purpose so that I could take justin 20$ for free. And fucking jay…still can’t believe you lost with red Dudley… YOU CANT LOSE WITH RED DUDLEY! I’ll be there at T8 this time to MM more peeps and win mo money!

ps faster you ps scrub!



premium ftw.

Does anyone know a place in toronto that sells this stick or any other versions of the HORI real arcade pro stick? And how much they sell it for if you know that too.

TO players are a one of a kind. ive enjoyed watchin all of TO matches. congratz on your success.

Jay, i will never forget what u said…thank u.

i want nass’s av ;[

Another work week starting. I’ll be in and out of FL randomly.

Mat was really fun I enjoyed every moment of it, casual with outsiders was fun,

yo noodleman…

if I come to T8 we will have a third match to see whos the real winner lol, since you won the first match with almost no life and me almost half a bar when you randomly activate to finish my blanka :wtf: . And me beating you up in the next money match. No joke, that was really fun and EVERY FUCKING match were close at the end lol. 2-1 for you and then 2-1 for me. We could feel the pressure at the end of each match because it was a close call everytime. I think we are about the same level in cvs2. You with your scruby ‘‘paint that shit’’ come back when my maki killed almost 2 top tier characters thats a nice memory too :clap: . (fuck I hate A-groove, thats the only reason why I quit K-groove about 6 months ago to play c-groove).

Nice playing against you :tup: … even if play shittiest groove ever :arazz: .

hooo… almost forgot FUCK TURTLE RUNNAWAY VEGA :annoy: (ok I fell better now, its off my chest, not only your vega but in general) hahaahhaaha…

Lets all make a mental note that if they ever try to bring a tourney to Toronto that we beat the living shit out of them before they get a chance to start anything up.

GUYS just wana thank you all for coming ! it was great ! hopefully well see you at T8

i blame my losses to your scrubby hop supers :stuck_out_tongue: you better come to T8 so i can get my revenge and kick your ass!