Toronto April Thread 2008

Because Jason made the Sauga thread and making fun of CvS2 makes him cry himself to sleep.

Apparently there’s a tourney on the 12th of April. From reading the OP in the tourney thread, it looks like an 8 year old wrote it.

Engrish > Alex spelling

it sure does, my pillow is drenched in tears.

I hope this thread title changes after today. My totally november thread title couldn’t be worse than this.

it was, and this post is no april fools joke.

lol holy crap that T6 website has got a lot of mileage.

Anyone got a letter from Rogers about the bandwidth cap yet? Apparently I average 160GB a month (on a 60GB cap) and I’m on Rogers Lite (130Kbytes/sec max DL). I could only imagine how those on Extreme and Extreme Plus accounts are doing. They won’t start billing you until June though so abuse it while you can!

At least it’s capped at 30/month for overages lol. Imagine paying 5/gig with no ceiling…

…Rogers Lite sucks if you’re splitting it between network adapters.

i think all the isp in canada are going to become 30gb cap in july or something similar to it since there won’t be anymore unlimited.

extreme - > 95 gb
express, lite -> 60

sympatico -> 100 ?
3rd party -> none

I think I’m just going to start cheating bt sites.

I think the Bell cap is 60 or some shit like that, 1.25 for every gig over, capped at 30$

Depends on which 3rd party, some have cap and unlimited plans.

So basically what you guys are saying is that you stream porn non stop

Howard are u running games again this week?

Does anyone else feel the need to dress up for an in class presentation. I don’t but my group wants to wear dress shoes pants and shirt. I think it’s unnecessary. Wearing a nice shirt instead of a tee and hoodie I understand, but this one guy was even pushing for a tie.

Depends on the class. I used to go in business attire for any major presentations at the end of the school year. In many cases, it lends that little extra something as look is an integral part of any presentation.

Sadly, life is more about presentation than substance. Dress up!

it’s only true when you don’t have enough substance.

If it’s post-secondary and business, it’s dress shoes, slacks and shirt.

If it’s post-secondary, business and a final presentation; it’s full out dress-to-impress. Tie and all.

But for the love of all that is holy… do not wear white socks with dress slacks and shoes.

Don’t wear socks.

don’t forget your power tie and cuff links.

And most importantly, don’t forget to zip up your D.