Toronto April Thread


Go see Sin City this weekend.

I’m going to a matinee to burn the afternoon.


Man, does anyone know who is the ken scrub that uses SAI
that goes to orbit?

Is that guy retarded?
Or just doesn’t know how to speak english.

Anyone know him?

um, we played our throwing game on him and his ibuki friend

what’s the date for it again? I’ll try to make it this year :slight_smile:

:bgrin: Answers after link is hit… and watched.:bgrin:

He’s Wei’s boy.

I think h’s Taiwanese too

Valkyrie and King Arturissssssssssss + random TRTG sightings

btw, no icedcap is weak. calzo(w)ne’d

the aftermath arcade is close by my house by harbord colligiate high school im gonna go check that place out either today or sunday

The link working for anyone…?
the link doesnt work, Justin…

Anybody going to Orbit tonight? I heard that it was unlimited night. :wow:

pizza :encore: :encore:

UN sux… not worth it for ppl who wins :encore:

The link works fine. I just checked it myself again to be sure.

Me + Js + jay = 39 wins in 3s WHAT!!!


I got some wins too. :sad:

Picking on noobs eh?

So much 3S steven?
you gonna win the 3S tourney this weekend?

Yes, I am going to win 3s cuz u know, my few months of playing can handle those with 5+ years under their belts.

And its Stephen

Harsh. . .

come to think of it i dont think ive ever played you once in 3s. hope i can play you on saturday.

and whats goin on for the t5 team tourny shit you still wanna be a team.