Toronto April Thread

first time making a thread on srk.

holy shiet.

aw man

Don’t forget the Team Tournament on the 15th.

why is wing such a beast?

Because he touches himself at night :looney: Noodleman: were you around yonge and lawrence yesterday??? ( saturday )

LOL Wing man, i can’t believe you made out with that guy for $5 on saturday

that shit’s like… wow… maybe if it was $50 but $5!!!

come on man

cause u cost too much, paper towel.
orelse i would choose u.

bring me some 15 year old azn cutie.
the ones at orbit are getting old.

yea, i drove by, and ended up parking in front of the chapters at yonge and elig. Did you spot my car or something?

EDIT: Holy shit this is fucking awesome!

that has to be the first thinkgeek product ever that actually is cool

Roger and I saw you walking with who I would assume was your girlfriend

I would assume boyfriend from the way Noodles dresses.

just because noodles dresses better than you doesn’t mean you should take a shot at him.

he dresses clean cut
you dress scrub dull

not our fault :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, this is one dead thread.

I dont even remember how he dresses. I just wanted to talk some shit because Sauga bowed down in the tourney thread.

hey g3nn, i know you’re a beast in marvel, but you’re lacking something. A little something people call “style”. Maybe you should google it to see what it is. Maybe then you can get a girl instead of having the orbit marvel machine as your best friend. :cool:

ok, do i need to extend my toilet paper offer to you too then?

tell me about it.

Does ron still like girls?

Shrug just wondering… Maybe im not browseing srk enough anymore… But I dont see him anymore…

crowbar o where are thou

, i had a dream they reopened games maximus n edwin n the crazy lady ( omnidragons girlfriend) where waiting for us.

At least I HAVE the Orbit Marvel machine. You on the other hand, come all the way from Brampton for the Orbit CvS2 machine, only to be beaten off by random scrubs and sent home sad with a Gerjay look on your face. All the while, dressed like something from middle earth.