Toronto April Thread

You need to stop with the toilet paper thing. It’s not funny. Stick to jokes about how the buttons are only broken when I lose. At least that’s believable.



… i can’t argue with that, the toilet paper joke is growing old :sad:

it’s pretty hard for me to look like gerjay, considering he’s twice my size and a different nationality…but don’t worry, it’s pretty hard for me to tell the difference between you and other brown people too.

Sometimes i see some brown scrub getting owned in marvel and I think it’s you, then i pay closer attention and realize it someone else…then gerjay corrects me and tells me that it is indeed you and he’s whooping your ass in marvel.

All the while, dressed like some middle aged man trying to be hip with jeans and dress shoes.

Oh yea, as this is the latest catch phrase, backpedal more please.

HEY! i dress like that too sometimes :arazz:

but i suppose the difference b/w me and g3nn, is that i make it look too good :rofl:

I shouldn’t have been brought into this…

yes you should. why shouldnt u?

actually, i was kinda thinking abot that. g3nn did bring him up rather randomly

see, a smart person would’ve said many other things, like a pitiful looks on your face. that way, there’s no real “out” because jason would have a pitiful look on his face if he got beaten off by a random scrub. but instead, g3nn gave jason an out, which jason took, and pointed out that it’s rather difficult for jason to look like gerjay, especially given the different facial profile of the two

You’re a pair of retarded monkeys who hump each other to the delight of japanese tourists.

I said “a Gerjay look on your face” and both you ethnically challenged gender mutations interpret that as “looks like Gerjay”? You can’t tell the difference between the two? Own yourselves harder please.

That wasn’t the agreement. Only THAT, not THIS hehe.

Owned in previous post. I used to think you were fun to trash talk with. But man, this was really lame. “I dont look like Gerjay” comebacks? Wow. Low marks all around.

Don’t blame me for the slits you have for eyes. Try not smiling or laughing… I read on that it helps Asians see better. Haha Im gonna get flamed by all the spoons that were dropped down the stairs now.

haha middle-aged because I said middle-earth? C for effort.

WTF you can’t use MY catch phrase. Especially when I didnt backpedal from anything. F for plagerism. And a note in your permanent record. And a letter sent home to your parents. “Hey, Tap Sum Bong. Come here. Say here yoo goh a F in schoool…”

Funny as this was, you just made a joke about stealing a catch phrase while ripping off Russell Peters stand up.

g3nn is like a flame thrower.




OH NOOOOOOOOOES, i’m getting bad grades from g3nn, what should I do?! :sad:

I, and many others, would not call what you said ownage. As you said, i have silts for eyes, and gerjay, being white, does not. I still find it hard to have a “Gerjay” facial expression when I lack his facial features. That’s like saying you have the “JS-Look-If-He-Beat-JWong” look everytime you DON’T get ocv’d by Bry. You do get pretty excited everytime that happens though.

It’s pretty easy to not smile, looking at your ugly ass face. It’s pretty depressing. As for laughing, that’s going to be hard to do when you say the buttons are broken just as you lose ALL the time. How many buttons did you break? Maybe the orbit managers should start keep a tab on you.

errr, no. I said middle aged cause you look old. I still fail to understand how middle earth clothing has anything to do with what I wear. Designer only please.

I added the backpedal more as a joke dumbass. Seeing as how you’ve pretty much only made one post at that point about this shit talking, it’s pretty hard to backpedal anything. Geez. learn to apprieciate some humour.

EDIT:Haha, that sounded like the response sauga gives you everytime you use that “backpedal” line.

even though he’s making fun of me, i couldn’t help but laugh at this :rofl:
well done g3nn.

but the thing is, i don’t think jason made a connection b/w you making a middle earth comment with his pointing out that you dress like a middle aged man…

i think he pointed it out b/c you DO dress like a middle aged man… not that there’s anything wrong with that, just saying it’s rather stupid to think that he made a connection just bassed on the “middle earth” comment. he made that comment because that’s how you actually dress.

note jason got to the middle age comment before me

that’s because he had to “be a man! Do the right thing!”

wtf? is marc some kind of referee…

of course. i’m the peacemaker in tosf

as in i peace out everyone that comes my way :rofl:

I used quotes! It’s not ripping off if you quote.