Toronto Arcade Sticks cases in the making!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a long time lurker on SRK forums and always had the interest in building custom arcade sticks. I don’t know why I didn’t register in the beginning but I always came here to look at other people’s custom builds.

There are lots of good custom arcade stick builders on SRK and inspired me to start my own hobby as a service. I’m not sure if I’m late to the game but I will be starting to sell custom arcade cases as well. I’ve already prepped 12+ units so far in 2 types of material, MDF and pine. Pine is a little more expensive here than MDF so don’t be surprised if prices are different.

I have some pictures below of my latest unfinished prototype and it will be done once I get my parts from Akihabarashop in 1.5-2 weeks (I just got my email notification this morning, Thanks again TRNG!). The box will be rounded corners so don’t get the wrong impression that it will be a square box. The rounding process takes place in the end when the box is put together.

The holes that I’ve measured for is 30mm and test fitted with Sanwa OBSF-30 push buttons. What’s left to be done is test fitting the OBSN-30 screw in push button for those who wants that style. Also mounting of the JLF-P1 and Seimitsu SS bracket. I wanted to fit both brackets because there are some of you out there likes the Seimitsu stick than Sanwa. Yes, I know there are measurements online for every part out there but I’m the type of guy who likes to test fit before mass producing.

I’ve made 2 layouts, Blast city - 6 button and TE - 8 buttons. Interchangeable by having removable front panel screws to swap between layouts.

Here are the case measurements:

Cost breakdown will be unveiled when final product is done.

I’m from Toronto, well borderline outside of Toronto. More precisely Markham, near Pacific Mall. I’m willing to ship anywhere in North America just as long as you pay for shipping and packing material. Local pickup is also an option, saves yourself the shipping cost in GTA which is around 10-15 bucks (3-5 business days).

If your interested in getting one in the coming weeks, just reply to this thread or you can contact me at Try not to PM me plz :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.

Wow, very nice case there and I like the idea of having an interchangable face for 6 or 8 button layout.

looks great. pm’d

I hope you don’t get in trouble for trying to sell boxes with less than 100 posts


And being an 09 member…

Yes, I understand that is a factor which is why I posted pictures of my build to show my authenticity. If you guys really think this is a issue, I’ll start off selling it locally, meeting face to face with people. I see no harm in that, it would be more beneficial for me meet with people with similar interest and play some games online/offline. WOM… old school but it works.

we are not saying we have issues with authenticity… rules are rules…

there is no selling for 09 people until august…


Edited my first post with measurements for those PM’d me for it.

Due to complaints from other builders.
we cannot sell our cases directly on srk.
however you may contact us at our other community if you wish to buy one of these cases here @

you are free to check out our bst feedback ratings and heatware ratings. you can also ask any other buyer who has purchased parts from us in the past. our rating 100% positive.

Good luck

Nice to see so many GTA people on here


I guess if you said that on here you would get blasted by “the other guys”…

SRK is a very close knit community… they put rules in place for a reason and even your last post is trying to skirt around the rules and promote your product…

if you actually build your own boxes then you will know the time and effort that goes into them… not all stick builders here are out to make a quick buck… if they are they would bang out inferior products that have gaps the size of the grand canyon…


Only way to resolve this is through a SF4 match :stuck_out_tongue:

I choose zangief


first off. we’re abiding by the rules, we understand we cannot sell here that’s why we sell elsewhere. it’s ok we saw your competitive complaint a few posts back.
second. how could you say that when your in the same position making the buck. and third what’s inferior with the cases? i removed my posts from your thread. i suggest your retract yours.

and really i don’t see what the big deal is here? we have something to sell. that’s our thing. we may not have the credentials to sell here but we do elsewhere. you cant say there is anything wrong with telling people that. because that’s all we did. we put it out in the air.

i think you need to take a chill pill. srk is not the only place these can be sold and that is where we took it. you pointed out a rule. we said ok and went on. now your acting like a territorial chihuahua. ease up.

Sillypuddy, dude, let the mods do their job. I know it’s BS competition (unjust at that), but you really shouldn’t be. Just report it and move on brah.

wow… crapping on someone else’s thread, making unsubstantiated claims attacking the competition’s product just because you sell the same product, a little too tacky buddy

did you read his RFD post… he started the bashing against the world, not me

i was just stating the fact that he went out to diss everybody about how “the other guys” are making people wait for their boxes… my point was that if he actually went and made boxes himself, he would know why it takes so long because of the time and effort involved.

he mentions “why buy this case over the other guys? just look at it and compare.” i did… and if YOU did you would have seen the same things i saw… i am comparing and stating the facts

my main issue is that the rest of the newbies have to follow rules, why does he think he doesn’t and always finding a way to skirt the rules

if you price out what it cost (in time and effort) to make the boxes, and the fact that i am personally dropping each one off to the srk members, there is $0 to be made in my boxes… not much can be said for the markups he’s charging


0 dollars your making? weren’t who offered me a discounted price? if your making 0 dollars how is it you were able to offer me something cheaper. and what are you doin in this thread again?
aren’t you the same guy who started talking smack in your thread about me?
and i believe i was the guy who apologizeD for the misunderstanding and wanted to move forward. i even pm’d you and what did you do? you got all cocky and said more even after i said hey lets forget about all this.
and yeah we’re meeting up with members too in the gta. the same members who bought from us in the past.
and because we have less post count in srk does not make us noobs to the community in any way. i’ll kick your ass in any fight game any day. and when i said why buy from the other guys… what’s wrong with that? im not allowed to compare products now to my members on a different forum? no rules are being broken now. why are you so upset?


props to jtuyen for offering the customizable tops… and accept my apologies…