Toronto Aug Thread

Good job to all those that represented at Evo!

It’s coming…

Doom 3 is too good

AvP next week is erm… :confused:

Speed 2 > speed 3

Needs video card for D3 and HL2:frowning:

How did they manage to fit that onto only 3 discs? So retarded, UT2004 was like 6 discs or something.

good games to you darkgigas on thursday partition is key wit urien

and fuck caribanna too much damn noise

Yeah, all your characters were monstrous. You were beasting on the side with the broken roundhouse too. :confused:

I can partition OK with Urien on console, just need more practice on the arcade stick. It would also have helped if I could get you in the air for one damn combo.:frowning:

Thats your problem, you rely too much on the AA fb / c.hp…
learn to mix shit up… and sa2 is homo… HOMO! :slight_smile:


I might actually start learning Elena more, seems every time I use her in the arcade I do better than with other characters.


thats good then all i have to do is get ben chen and antoine to stop using urien and i will have the one true urien in all of toronto (super villian laughing voice):lol:

I play you semi-frequently and you’ve never partitioned on console. It’s good if you do now; I’m not here to make anyone look bad.

At T4, did every team in 3S have a Ken on it? Is there usually less Kens at Orbit tournaments than in a casual day at Orbit? Thanks.

I’m a stupid nigger that doesnt know how to log out of srk.

connect four.

I’ll be up at orbits tommorow (or today because it’s 2 am) playing MVC2 if anyone wants to play. I don’t go up there much so I want to see how good you guys are.

my team didn’t have ken

It sure didn’t

That’s cause you teamed up with
2 fucking scrubs who don’t know
how to use ken.

You can pick Ken in 3rd Strike !??!!?

ya if you play on dreamcast you can pick gill too


They have 3rd Strike on Dreamcast!?!?!?!

What the hell is “3rd Strike”?