Toronto August 2006 Thread

js fucking master for bbto

party at erics house.

IS alcohol allowed in your house Eric ?


I think instead of having a next tournament, we should just have pure money matches. Everyone make bets on SRK…and show up for a MM tourney.


I challenge you all to a 2/3 for 5 bucks each in CVS2.

JS and extra 2/3 in 3S for 5 bucks, but you cant use Chun.

and Im not accepting any side bets.

Ian; I can’t really make any guarantees. I’m learning Slash right now so I’d be going into any match, whether tournament or otherwise, completely cold. I’ll know if I’m going to take the bet based on how the casual would go that day.

Fair enough

Anyone in svc, rf and ngbc. Glowsticks.

Oh and popnmusic, beatmania and that turntable game

i would mm people in engrish…but damn, too many top tier engrish fobs at orbit.

more like… who is invited?

beatmania… but i haven’t played for ages aside from one game last nite… and fuck i suck harder at it…

i also had my cell stolen last night… fuckin’ punk kids at orbit.

just when you thought you can’t get any more gay than ParaPara…

full article…

noodleman owned me in the best nagata lock in T.O contest.
props for dat

but i’m still the best nagata lock imitator in T.O

You can land roll throws too ?

nono matt.
roll throw/roll super is not the key anymore.

its, roll then does a flip kick/super but the move/super doesnt come out (cause, cant do it properly) but somehow that stupid fierce/roundhouse still hits the guy.

noodleman managed to xcopy that shit like 5 times when hes using kim.
and eric was never once miss any moves. (thats why he lost).

Eric should stop singing.

I see what my game is lacking now. Thank you for the 1337 tactics. They arent as good as JJ tactics though. Those are not to be fucked with.

roll -> jump fp ftw.

JS’s P-groove owns my SOUL.

You have to ask yourself: What would Jesus do with t7 cvs2 qualifier footage?

if you say jesus as in the person who taped it, then the answer prolly will be “he ate it”