Toronto August Thread

take from the last thread:


be gentle

GG WhiteBoy with your tricky ibuki

GGs at Orbit to Ppig, Marc(who owns my crappy Ryu for free), Chun and others I played in 3S. Sorry to Chun for some of the dramatics of me shouting “Bullshit” but the Chun Li matchup just drives me insane…:sad: :karate:

orbit today monday

It’s 9:45am…i’ve been at orbit for 7 hours playing dota.

I’ll be there around 3

ill be there… sometime… maybe not today tho

jamie… rush with ur ibuki more and stop freakin turtling =) theres a tip lol :slight_smile:

she takes dmg like a little school girl!.. wait she IS a little school girl… i wish i knew how to use her ><

orbit today guy!!

change of plans; I won’t be there.

Maybe you should try not getting double perfected by my Alex before giving out tips. Just a tip of my own. :tup:

Btw just kidding bud, good games that day. :rofl:

lol that was casual… u have no idea wat i was doing on the other side… and ill tell you i wasnt exactly paying attention to the game… i was joking around with jamie because i play his ibuki a lot… i dont know you, and i dont want tips from you because last i checked… for matches that actually count… im 1 - 0 on you… beat me in a tourny… or let ur friend talk shit to me cause hes actually good.

=p sorry if that was too mean… noodleman just pointed out that i got owned on gtasf so i had to flame.

but good games lol

I’m gonna be at Orbit this Fri. Wing and Ben are gonna meet me there, gordon and stephen, could you guys come too?

yea. I can probaly bring u half, if not all the money I owe you

Had a nice post ready that my browser apparently didn’t want posted. Not a lot I can say except I’m anxious for the next 3S tourney, whenever it may be.

you know that you made no sense with your lack of puncuation? Are you saying that you beat him once, yet somehow he beat you in tourny? periods and commas are not suppose to be replaced with “…”. I’m so confused from reading your post.

My Urien is pure scrub.

GGs today Marc. EX Headbutt scams!

Hey, does anyone know where I can download Dreamcast games? I can never find torrents for them. Thanks.

Stephen, which champloo set do you have? If you have the eng. dubbed ones msg me.

Phantom Kingdommmmm. Gordon, I miss you =\

haha grabbing me like no tmr… fuck guy im tellin you, somethin was up with the lk!!! even wai said so haha. Excuses are bomb

…and noodleslut… … … … shut the fuck up bitch!