Toronto August Thread

:rolleyes: Continued entertainment value for weeks. :rolleyes:

Green: Yes, I go to Ryerson (Biology & Chemistry).

Wonder if those Detroit gangstas are going to show up to that?

Man, that tournament sounds gimmicky AND ghetto. Watch some nigga steal the pot when no one’s looking after they get eliminated.

Seriously, if you remember Ephraim Brown, you know how ignorant these samples of human trash are. I’m expecting someone to get shot.

you mean Ephraim Brown?

Yeah, him. Sorry.

You can tell I dont bother reading the paper much.

Were the suspects from Detroit? I thought they were local.

really sad story.

R.I.P. Ephraim Brown
R.I.P. Jane Creba
R.I.P. Jordan Manners

Come and get us.

^^ Those guys were home-grown murderers, no?

…wait. I saw what you did just there.

i meant to post this in the august thread.

Going into my final year. Currently working at ryerson as an RA, so that’s why I’m at Funland sporadically.

I don’t think an internet cafe at Ryerson would be feasible - there’s already the arcade, and computer labs for free internet use.

Anyone going to Orbit on Saturday for 3S?

Place seemed kinda dead last time I was there.

i’ll be there

me too.

Engrish + Power metal, this is just too good. Everyone should listen to Galneryus

dis guy is a scrub. u’ll only get worse playing him

Does Orbit have A3 and ST/AE?

Btw, if anyone is looking to buy a new TV, Bestbuy has a Sharp Aquos 37" 1080p (LC37D62U) for like 1500 or something. I’m getting one on Tuesday for 2200 (total), which includes:

-the tv
-monster cables
-6 months Rogers HD + box (10 HD channels)
-4 year plan (got it half price)
-surge protector

The TV itself looks GDLK…really really REALLY nice. 6ms response time, and Vyper Drive Game Mode which gets rid of any lag for gaming.

Cool, I need practice vs Chuns anyway.

they have ST, I think the A3 is gone.

You guys are going to Orbit Saturday? I’ll see if I can drag Chris and Samir and the others with me. Fuck I miss not having a Metropass though :’(

galneryus is fucking terrible

“beyond of the ground”

Gety friday night, meatskin. :hcb::r::p: