Toronto August thread


epic thread …

me and spiral guy just did a race to 10 in marvel the score was
Me 10
Spiral Guy 3


we just ran the samething back for money again. score was
JS Master 10
Spiral Guy 5

:confused: Do you just make these things up? Who plays FT10’s at 10am? :confused:

I wish every marvel player that played cable and only jumps back and shoots, would burn in hell. same for iceman.

it’s not skill, and it’s really annoying. if only i could walk around the cab just to knock you out, i’d do it but they arent worth it.

lol it was actually from the nite before… was too tired to post results

GG to quan and howard

perhaps one day in the distant future u guys will come close to my lvl :woot:

So I’m driving south from Richmond Hill towards Toronto on this rural road called Durham/Scarborough, traveling at about 130km/h when I hit this bird. It goes crashing in through my open and lands in the back seats of my car. Feathers everywhere, fucking scared the shit out of me. At first I didn’t know what the hell I hit. It’s only until after I looked into the back and saw the lifeless corpse of a Robin. dumb shit. FLY HIGHER. What’s the point of flying if you go crashing into cars, and I drive a Honda CRX that bitch is lowwwww.

:rolleyes: Adapt or quit. Crying isn’t allowed. :rolleyes:

i might hit up pmall sunday or monday cuz i haven’t played against someone in so long

do they fix sticks/buttons on sundays and mondays?

i know they do that shit when it is busy, but if ur by urself they dont do shit.

=( I know I’m not patient enough to wait for someone playing runaway to make a dumb mistake.

distal, in terms of Marvel, the best time to go is probably Friday night or Saturday. If you’re lucky, you might get competition on Sunday. 1-2 of the employees know how to fix sticks/buttons. If they dont fix it, they’ll just give you a token back.

You need more training. Or you can use Servbot like me. That shit doesn’t work against him. He can walk under the gunshots and icebeam.

I’m SO trying that servbot thing

cable players are fags

Marvel Scrubs make me laugh.


I thought he was gonna kiss her!

looooooooooooooooooooooool post of the year

Anyone about Pmall today?

Hard to find competition during the weekdays.

Someguy was playing Akuma in 3s yesterday, constantly jumping back and doing air fireballs. I dont even play 3s but I played him and started talking loudly on my side saying learn to play, scrub. So I just spammed HP with Chun and parried his terrible air fireballs, and purposely taunted him.

I cant play 3s for crap though, so it was fun cause I actually won.

I have no plans of attempting to learn 3s.

yea ill hit up pmall today i think