Toronto Console Tourney - GGXXS/3S/MBAC [4/7/07]


Toronto Console Tourney : GGXXS/3S/MBAC [4/7/07]

This was an awesome console tournament. I’m sure everyone had a great time.

GGXX:Slash Teams (10 teams = 20 entrants :wow: That’s right fuck you orbit)

  1. ZeroFalcon (Zappa), K2 (May, Eddie)
  2. DarkDragon (Baiken/Jam/Faust), JS Master (Baiken)
  3. X-Sapphire (Chipp), FTK (Johnny)
  4. Tony (Slayer), Tim (Eddie/Testament)
  5. Boa (Order Sol/Ky), Anthony (Ky)
  6. ForestBlazer (Testament), Badguy00 (Sol)
  7. YellowS4 (Potemkin), DarkGiygas (Potemkin) - double trouble
  8. Dice (Faust), Cheatah (Baiken)
  9. Justin (Chipp), Kellfire (Ky)
  10. Evil (Dizzy), Dawnbringer (Forgot what char you used)

Melty Blooooooooood:AC (10 entrants)

  1. Badguy00
  2. ZeroFalcon
  3. Anthony
  4. X-Sapphire
  5. K2
  6. FTK
  7. Justin
  8. Psychochronic
  9. Kellfire
  10. Proteus

I don’t know/remember the names of what people used for MB.

SF3:3rd Strike (10 entrants)

  1. PhastestPig
  2. JS Master
  3. Dice
  4. DarkGiygas
  5. X-Sapphire
  6. DarkDragon
  7. YellowS4
  8. Boa
  9. Proteus
  10. Psychochronic
  • Thanks to everyone for bringing in equipment
  • Special thanks to K2 for reserving the room for us
  • Good games to all, this was one beast of a tournament. I think everyone had a great time and it really showed me that console tournaments can be much more fun and convenient.

I’m looking to throw another console tournament in May/June. This time we can surely bring more people since this one went pretty smoothly and everything went well.

Semifinals + Finals for GGXX and MBAC will be online shortly.


Were any matches taped? I’m curious to see the Melty Blood footage if it was captured.


Yes Badguy has the tapes so it will be online soon.



Can’t wait for that MB footage.



Represent that shit for Mississauga G3. It’s too bad I couldn’t make it for this one, (work is like that, sometimes.) but Rae held it down. Melty Bloooooood! Do Doo Doo! Oh yeah, I heard a lot of people got Last Arc-ed, it really makes for funny storytelling. Come play us, next time. =D More Melty Blood!


1st - pig
2nd - js
3rd - Dice
4th - DG
5th - fireman
5th - ddragon
7th - brett
7th - tatenda?
9th - yellows4
9th - boa

fireman you can fix it up…HOT i won a tourney albeit a small one but free money! dice you’re a beast, so are you fireman


switch the places for boa and jay with proteus and brett


awesome tournament. i had nuff fun. i should have the tournament footage up before friday.

good games to Pui and K2 in MBAC,
@Pui - Arc is god damn beastly that loop is awesome, lol where the fuk did ciel come from that shit scared me man, lol last arc for the god damn win hahahaha

@K2 - your Miyako is awesome shes really underestimated, lol you remind me of some1 in your choice of characters… (ggxx - may mbac - miyako) female kiddie chars. good games man

we definitely need to hook-up and play it some more, this game needs more recognition here.

oh yeah screw everybody and their Nero Chaos you guys are gay.
Fil stop ur rounded ended nonsense lol juggles char forever


chars used for MB

  1. Badguy00 (nanaya, kouma, red arcueid)
  2. ZeroFalcon (arcueid, ciel)
  3. Anthony (Nero Chaos)
  4. X-Sapphire (Red arcueid)
  5. K2 (miyako)
  6. FTK (Nero CHaos)
  7. Justin (??? prob Nero Chaos)
  8. Psychochronic (nero chaos ?)
  9. Kellfire (red arcueid)
  10. Proteus (ciel)

fuk nero chaos and his jacket full of b/s


Wow, so many Warcs and Chaos.


Are you all going to T8?



MBAC is sooo good lol
too bad this is actually the first time toronto mbac players gathered lol, its usually just me and k2 and antony as one group, and fil and nazir as another group
need more MBAC casuals =P
today must have been some red arc/chaos meeting or something, everybody but like 2 ppl used red arc/chaos lol. Jacket of gayness indeed haha
lol god damn i kept missing combos at the grand finals, is nanaya shiki harder to combo on or something? missing combos ftl =(
im happy with what i can do in a month of play time tho =D
toronto doesnt use last arc, completely forgot about its existence lol
random thoughts everywhere coz its 4:30am so i cant think straight =P

rae: definately great games, looking forward to playing u again soon, this time, its training mode on nanaya shiki (especially crouching… stupid 2nd hit of 2B with ciel lol) to make sure i dont miss anymore combos!! >_<

altergenesis: was looking forward to playing u =( what happened?!? next time u better be there

chibi: looking forward to playing u at T8 lol, when i used hisui i used to search for ur videos <3. but yea, definately gonna be at T8


GRRREEEAT Tournament, unfortunately the loli does not like me today, i was horrible

gg to everyone I played
Rae: last arc ftw XD, we got to play more MBAC!
Antony: very gg, thx for tv
also thx to the person who brought the 3rd tv along
Herman: awesome ps2 hard drive ( edit* sry if i got ur name wrong)
Hellfire: top tier with all the official strategy guide and ps3
FTK: u were always in heat mode >.< /fire
Nazir: where was ABA?
Pui: the true pad scrub, without u we are done

I have never seen so many hori arcade joysticks in my life

Thx to everyone who cleaned things up

Darkdragon pressing the start button in the middle of the match on his custom “DarkDragon” joystick

Looking forward to the next console tournament


Fun tourney. I gotta learn how to use Nero Chaos after using him for more than 1 week. GG’s to whomever I played in MB/3S/VF5. I really wanna pickup that game as Eileen looks too fast and whoever used that mean Pai has skills.

Upsets of the night were when Rae went through K2 and Pui in Slash and when Rae won Melty Blood. G3 THAT SHIT!

Funny moments of the night was when DarkDragon loses to Dice in 3S and yells at Tommy for coaching and Tatenda talking shit to me in VF5, I MM him and he couldn’t win a round using Vanessa, switches to Goh and gets creamed and in the end, he thinks I hustled him. :rofl: “Do something, do something!”

Mad props for K2 for renting the room, Tim for the cigs, Hellfire for bringing the PS3 and Forest Blazer for the ride home.



Sorry man, work had an emergency. I was kind of mad too, Rae tells me you guys are pretty beastly at the game. I was like shit, I finally get a chance to play my Akiha Vermillion. =( Next time for, for suree. No more gay ass work.


BAMBI inside the jacket for the win !!!


I don’t mean to plug but you folks getting into MB should definitely hit up, especially the Red Arc and Chaos players, there’s plenty to learn there.



:tup: Thanks for the link. I was going to PM you about a good MB resource site. :tup:


Gamefaqs obviously.


If that wasn’t a hustle I don’t know what is man, but GG.

My Ciel needs more practice lots of dumb mistakes and minor trouble with execution lost me too many close matches.

P.S Virtua Fighter 5 and Melty Blood are the future.

P.S.S Vanessa is fucking sick.


i’ve been searching for things like that forever -_-