Toronto Console Tourney : GGXXS/3S/MBAC [5/19/07]

Here goes our 2nd shot at a console tournament, mainly for the GGXX community.

Saturday May 19, 2007
Being a week before Evo East, I think this will give good practise to any GG players heading down to Evo. :wgrin:

**Location: **
150 Alton Towers Circle. (located south of Steeles & McCowan)
This is being held at K2’s condo, in the building’s party room located on the main floor. If you need directions, just ask.

Guilty Gear XX : Slash
Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike
Melty Blood : Act Cadenza Ver.B

GGXX:Slash - 2 man teams, double elimination
$10/team registration, 70/20/10 prize distribution

3S - singles, double elimination, 2/3 normal match, 3/5 finals, 4/7 grand final
$3 registration, 80/20 prize distribution

MBAC - singles, double elimination, 2/3 normal match, 3/5 finals, 4/7 grand final
$3 registration, 80/20 prize distribution

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm = casuals
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm = registration for all games + casuals
4:00 pm = all tournaments begin
Expect to finish by 11pm.


  • There is a 40 person limit, please post here if you are confirmed to attend.
  • Guilty Gear players have priority in reserving a spot. So if the list is full, any GG player who hasn’t reserved a spot can steal it from someone who’s attending this event for the other games.
  • There are plenty of restaurants across the street to fill yourself. Food/drinks are allowed in the room, but you must clean up after yourself.
  • The only macros allowed is a frc/rc button for GGXX and the macro button for MBAC
  • You may bring your own sticks, but we will have them provided
  • Try to bring correct change to pay for your fees, I can’t do much if everyone pays me $20’s.
  • The room has a cost to rent the place for the day - $80. Anyone who is attending will have to pay roughly $2 to cover the cost of the rent.

We’re also looking for volunteers to help bring equipment. We need the following:

  • 3 TV
  • 3 PS2
  • 2 VCR

Confirmed list of players attending :

  1. X-Sapphire
  2. K2
  3. Dice
  4. Pui
  5. JS Master
  6. Sinclair
  7. YellowS4
  8. Tigerlee
  9. Barry
  10. Kellfire
  11. Cheatah
  12. Raphael
  13. Justin
  14. Anthony
  15. Andy
  16. GaijinBlaze
  17. Sleepymk2
  18. Tim
  19. MythicExile
  20. Tony
  21. Justin
  22. Evil
  23. Dawnbringer
  24. Ruby
  25. DarkGiygas
  26. R_T_S_D

Please post here if you are 100% sure you will attend. You can only reserve a spot for yourself.

Okay, shit, I need to make this one. Joe, or someone who knows me with a ride, please hook me up. Thanks. =D

You should be running MB:AC on ver.B (aka the defaults for the game) and not ver. A.


I’m showing up for the Melty Blood.

im there !!

if u come, u must join ggxx or mbac also

time to get my revenge for mbac!!
I’ll make sure this time i dont get scammed by the game t.t
is ggxx teams of 2 again or singles or even 3s if we really get 40 ppl? Is it even possible to get 40 ppl who plays ggxx? lol

JS Master will be there

Were’s the love fro Marvel…

I was told that the ps2 version is verA :X

Sorry guys no Marvel. As I said this event is mainly for the GG community. But since quite a few GG players play both 3S and MB there’s side tourneys for that. There’s not enough room in the place for another setup to run Marvel, which will have its own crowd of players.

lol great, this tourney is on the day after i leave toronto

The PS2 version on default is ver. B, not A.

You guys were running it on A last time, not B.

Keep it to B ;p.

yea ps2 mbac is ver.b
but is not as B as the arcade ver.b, and not as A as arcade ver.A, is in the middle

thats wt i heard from pui’s research

and ggxx will be a team tourney, is ok if u can’t find a partner for now, cuz u can always grab one on the day

i will bring my ps2 and vcr

Okay, to clear things up. MBAC console is version B. The arcade version that introduces White Len is a port of the PS2 version with (obviously) some minor additions. Generally, people call the arcade version MBAC Ver. B 2.0.

I’ll breing a VCR and 1 tape. Oh, I’ll only go if Forest Blazer goes as he’s my ride there.

lol at making this may 2-4 weekend.


The ver. A on the PS2 is techincally the arcade port of ver. A. The PS2 DEFAULT version IS 100% ver. B. What was released into the arcades was then a REVERSE port of this, ver. B arcade, and then further corrected upon (from various glitches found) as ver. B CE (correction edition). If you want to get absurdly specific:

[PC] Melty Blood ->[PC] Melty Blood ReAct ->[PC] Melty Blood : Final Tuned -> [ARCADE] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. A1) -> [ARCADE] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. A2) -> ** [PS2] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. B) ** -> [ARCADE] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. B2 / arcade) -> ~~ [ARCADE] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. B CE) ~~ -> [Soon to be released] [PC] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. B CE) = [PS2] Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (ver. B CE)

You guys should be playing on the default, which is ver. B. Do not play on ver. A, that’s been obsolete for at least a year now. ** denotes what we’re at now, and ~~ shows the latest version in the arcades a few sparse locations in the United States.


playing on default???
wut do u mean lol is this in settings or something?
So if i change rounds to 3/5 to 2/3 its in verB yet if i play 2/3 its ver B or something?
Default as in under options
Game Balance: Arcade/Original
we were playing on original btw

When you put the game in your PS2, just make sure there’s no memory card plugged into the PS2 as well (in case someone has a save file for the game), that’s it. Outside of getting rid of handicap, this is exactly how it should be played ;p.

who the fuck set it to ver A last tourney??
I was trying that game balance shit
My ciel’s 2b suddenly started missing on crouching nanaya since i set to arcade balance
i guess we werent playing on original after all
man fuck, no wonder something felt awfully different ><
i play ver B at home, and go to a tourney its Ver A
wow scammed
this sucks lol
This tourney better check options before playing >
U dont believe how scammed i feel now >_<
if my ciel had combos, i’d put up a better fight =(