Toronto Console Tourney Results [05/19/07]

GGXX Slash - 13 entrants

  1. Justin (Sol)
  2. Tony (Slayer)
  3. ZeroFalcon (Zappa, Anji)
  4. Anthony (Ky)
  5. Sinclair (Ky)
  6. JS Master (Baiken)
  7. X-Sapphire (Chipp, Aba)
  8. Dice (Faust)
  9. Tim (Testament)
  10. Cheatah (Baiken)
  11. Kellfire (Ky)
  12. DarkGiygas (Potemkin)
  13. Ruby (Chipp, Dizzy)

MBAC - 8 entrants

  1. Pui
  2. Anthony
  3. Tony
  4. Cheatah
  5. X-Sapphire
  6. Tim
  7. Kellfire
  8. Ruby
  • 3S didn’t happen. The guys decided to just play casuals
  • Tony & Justin are the future
  • Finally done with Slash. Everyone move on to GGAC because there will be no more slash tournaments (aside from T8 side tourneys). See you at lovegety. :party:

Only GGXX was recorded on tape. However nobody who attended has a audio/video input device to convert it from VHS. So if anyone has one and wants to upload them, I’ll be glad to pass over the tape. It was some pretty awesome matches in the finals that everyone should see.

tim used testament

zappa is cheap

Good Times.

TTC is gay.

Jay is a beast at Hyper SF2.

if u can sumhow get the tape to me i’d gladly cap it 4 u (what happened to kellfire doing it?). i’ll hopefully make the next one. props to pui winning mbac and justin for slash. btw why not record mbac =(

mbac had so little people before we knew it, it was over lol
oh god
justin performs combo exhibitions during tournaments
too good

slash is over! yay
time for me to get raped in AC even more since 50% combos are the norm and zappa does 10% shit =(

we need sauga for more ppl in both mbac and ggxx =(

if u want mbac chars
pui - arcueid, ciel
ant - nero chaos
tony - nanaya, ciel
cheetah - red arc
x - red arc
tim - len
kellfire - red arc
ruby - red arc

At least you won, dude. Good shit.

…and only one Nero? LOL.

as a sidenote
gety’s AC is now 50 cents

oh shit

truu say, all the more reason why we should all co-operate, i’ve been always thinking of doing more frequent casuals jus to build a stronger scene, jus an idea tho

anyways anyword on gettin the footage?

When are you gonna be in TO again? Coming to lovegety anytime soon?

I don’t think I wanna go all the way to sauga just to pass over the footage. :wasted:

Me and Brandon learned Chinese “JUNE TAO !!!”

cao ni ma

sing long kun (sp)

i can meet u at islington station if thats possible for u, or u can reach over to my place and play casuals as well. lovegety is much too far me sauga peeps =(

Or X-sapphire can give it me and i’ll give to you ,badguy at AN.

Ok how can I get it to you? :sweat:

I guess we can meet up at lovegety or at York.

tnx a lot to everybody who brought equipment too =D

cao ni ma B