Toronto December Thread




Christmas tournament in 26 days. Ian get ready, your streak against me ends on the 27th.


I’ll be at York U on the 6th and 7th doing a film.

So yeah if you guys live on campus and have nothing to do come by the soundstage (CFT-130) in the Centre for Film and Theatre.

we need extras in the movie and you get to watch a boxing match since our film is about boxing.

I doubt i’ll come to the cove on the weekend but maybe i’ll come on monday.


shut up


Hey, I just wanted to clarify something real quick. I’m housing some people from Toronto, but not everybody. I can only take care of a few people…

Those who I said okay to can spend the night if needed, please don’t come to Montreal expecting to stay at my place if I don’t know you/didn’t invite you.

Any problems just PM me. Thanks. :cool:


dennis is such a nOOb:bluu:


Pool Update

Geminite 363
YellowS4 323
ExMatt 334
ArcticNinja 282
AneurysmX 384
Herny! 249

And Jay traded Mogilny for Jason King


ehh yeah probably not be doing anything might bring some friends too .


I traded primeau for yzerman

joseph for Nurminen a while back


hi i was wondering if any of you guys have the TOSF 3rd Parry Exhibition (done by Nelson, aka pCat) - 64MB if so would you know where i could get it, please and thanks.(i went to to d/l it but it wont let me)

btw. there anyway i could get some TOSF footage of players who played each other like cool-killer,no_mercy,kei,SOS2 and kinnygarden, i tried to d/l them from this website but yet again it wont let me, probably cuz its been up for so long…anyways if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it,


I own YorkU


s4 who were you at yorku? cuz if you wern’t the Yun then you don’t anything


Fuck… December already man!!!

I am getting old too quick






:eek: :lol: New combo video footage :lol: :eek:

How many people were taping this?


Trade 2

Anson Carter for that Rick Nash? from the bluejackets


if jay owns me then he will most definitly own you. remember theres a world out side your yorku

is the tournament 27th or 28th or both


ewww are u foreiting the pool

haha, that YorkU Yun sounds like Jeff… if so he owns nothing except bad English


like the 2nd time i went there i beat him it was close i just got lucky and did double combonation with Q right when he was gonna do his first hit with that damn super where yun goes fast i think sa3. He is good though its maybe every 7 times he beats me i beat him once lolol also i think hes the guy who uses makoto ; one time (i think it was that day) after a while he chose makoto and then he beat me when i was using dudley i think. After he faces a chung li and chung beats him pretty bad with cheap tactics though and he grabs the chair and i thought he was gonna sit down on the other side of the cabinet but then he throws the chair towards the pool tables :eek: