Toronto- Does anyone know the address to the Happ parts dealer?

Does anyone know the address to the Happ parts dealer here in Toronto Canada?

I remember when I modded my sticks back in the PS2/Xbox days, I did not have to order Happ parts online because Toronto has their own Happs distributor. It’s a parts shop that carries everything that has to do with arcades/pinballs etc.

I forgot where the dealer is located here in Toronto though. I remember it was Kipling or some road starting with “K” near Lake Shore Blv. on the west side of the city. I just can’t put my finger on it to where exactly.

So please, anyone with knowledge of this store, can you give me the address or phone number?

I wanna mod some 360 sticks and I don’t feel like ordering online since we here in Toronto have our own outlet.


Did not know they had a place like this in T.O

I’m interested as well.

I got some parts from the Kipling location a few years ago (technically a friend went there for me). Also got them online another time from the same source.

I’m not sure why they have different addresses at each of those since AFAIK it’s the same company. Also, when you click on a lot of links at the second site it leads to a nicely organized Playdium site that sells parts. That wasn’t there before so if you use that, tell me how it goes. If you hadn’t asked this, I wouldn’t even have known about it.

You’re a life saver man. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it plus I think we informed a few people too. Thanks again. I will go down sometime after February 12th so I’ll let you know how it went down.

i have ordered from them a few times over the past couple of years and they are very good, very quick and best of all you don’t have to pay customs!!! shipping costs are reasonable as well and very quick.

not sure about all the different sites but i have always ordered from playdium

Anybody know if they sell octagonal gates or happ concave buttons or seimitsu sticks, or even custom sticks? I didn’t see any of that on the previous links, only happ sticks and sanwa sticks. Thanks.

Similar to Gaijinblaze a friend of mine has ordered from (Starburst Coin) in the past … if I dig hard enough in the attic I may have some happ parts left.

Slightly off-topic, I think they were the same company that was auctioning the cabs from the now defunct Funland Arcade (Yonge and Dundas) last summer. Not sure if they have anything left …

No to all of those except concave buttons. Sadly, the Playdium/Starburst site doesn’t seem to have a lot of stuff they used to sell, like Sanwa buttons or Happ comp sticks and buttons (convex). Guess they’re really serious about clearing out what they’ve got.

A longshot but anyone know where the Lovegety owner gets his sticks? Because he does have Seimitsus, and if he’s getting them locally I wouldn’t mind knowing where.

Yup, it sucks that these two place don’t have any Sanwa or Seimitsu stuff. As for Lovegety, I don’t think their local parts. I mean back in the day I know a few places that would order online in large quantities and then divide between each other. But who knows right, he might get his stuff locally?

Speaking of places around Toronto, does Pacific Mall have any parts dealers? I haven’t been to Kennedy and Steels in ages.

Pacific’s arcade is just a Starburst/Playdium establishment. They even changed the name a couple years ago to “Playscape” to reflect that. The only parts they use are green and pink Sanwa stuff, the same as what you’d find on the links I gave (minus the buttons which mysteriously aren’t there). Unless you’re asking if a store in the mall itself sells arcade parts, in which case, I’ve been there enough times to believe they don’t. Lots of weird bootleg console sticks though.

Yeah, as for Lovegety, I figure the boss just splits orders with his contacts in HK like he does with everything else. Probably doesn’t even know Starburst/PD exist, and has no reason to I suppose.

Anyone get anything lately from these shops here in Toronto? I just got back from Vacation so I did not have a chance to go yet.

BTW, any Canadians got the Madcatz sticks yet from their local EB? Thanks to Family Day on Monday the game won’t be out at EB until the 18th, lol.

So far I’ve called the two EBs in Pickering and nether of them have the sticks.

They still do the auctions. They run once every couple of months, not sure where they hold them now. You need to put down a $200 cash deposit to get a bidding card, and they’ve added minimum bids to all lots now whereas before they used to start them all at whatever they felt like, a lot at $5.

Their auctions are full of shill bidders who just want to drive up the price on stuff, and there’s a lot of idiots who go bidding exorbitant amounts. I tried unsuccessfully to get any shmup cab a few times and was always outbid well beyond their value. You can sometimes find fighter cabs there like SF2, and larger 40-50" cabs for some of the newer stuff. One auction I went to even had a couple candy cabs. This site keeps up with the auctions pretty well, so you can see what stuff has gone for in the past. Next auction is March 28th.

Sweet, thanks for the link 1esproc.

Good luck on your bidding.