Toronto February 2006 Thread

ORBIT Tournament on 02/18

$20 4/7 rematch with Wing.

Who’s going to MATIV?

Noel; I still need to fix NiggaMASS

Karan; do you have any links to digital cameras?

nagata, let me know what kinda digital camera u need model/brand.
i might be able to hook u up with that.

anyone needs to purchase any usb?
msg me please.

nagata im just good for phones.
but tell me what ur looking for, ill get u a price.

check these two for me, jiko.
nokia n90
nokia n92

n90 - 850 - 900
n92 - 1100+

nice jiko, u made me laugh.
those two amounts are market price.
like wut i said…
only idiots will buy hardware/softwares from non azn people.
how is it possible for a brown person to give anyone better deals than hook ups from azn with items that are first made in azn countries. (japan/korea/china)

btw jiko, u wanna buy phones off me instead? u most likely will recieve better profits than whoever u get it off from.

i told you, jiko’s a hustler. he’s gotta hustle hard for da loonies.

as in flash drives?

happy february month everyone!

oh yaaa? why dont u tell me how much u can get the n90 and 92 for, if u want second hand its much cheaper, and the market price for n92 is close to 2000 , pls dont tell me shit bout nokia phones coz i am all over that shit. nokia phones arent just produced in azn countries u dumb piece of shit, europe and middle east is all over that shit to, dont talk nonsense.

and how much can u get a 8800 for.
and the n90, i was just guessing the price, i called and asked about it, i can get a piece for 600. brand new.
noodleman, loonies is better then nothing.


n90 i can get for 700
n92 = 950
8800 = 720

everything are no tax and brand new.
plus if theres any problem to the phone, u can mail it back to the country it made from. so there are warranties for the stuff i sell.
besides why r u getting so angry for?
if u dont believe i can get these phone for the prices i listed.
why dont u buy them off of me. that way, i make money, and so can u.
maybe u misunderstood my post. im not saying u r ripping people off, i just think u r getting rip off by the person u r getting these phones from.
u people are good for gas. but electronic stuff?! pleeease.

and if u can get n90 for $600
when will u have it. i’ll buy that from u.
make sure theres a year warrentie/brand new with boxes… etc.

micter bunis durtee

vrus, i need to check the stock, i’ll get back to u in a few days or so.

Although it’s early, maybe the issue should be raised about where T7 is going to be held, and through which medium (arcade or console).

i might make an appearance for this one

Its not early at all, since we’ve got HUGE things for this tourny. Oh yeah…

suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh assssssssssssssss? :wonder:

i woudl like 3 barrels of gas plz

and a strong camel on top of dat

:rofl: See this is why I don’t trust just anyone to organize this event :rofl:




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