Toronto February Thread 2004


OMG VruS/Faisal, too bad you got disqualified.

hey, i broke the 600 point score on that pingu game


I’m still alive.
I’m just really busy with school, that’s all.

ggs ROC, JS, Marv. What was supposed to be a 30min break turned into 6 hours of Marvel. :sweat:

Oh Marvin, I forgot to ask… why are you always dressed to pimp the whole arcade? It’s hard to play when you’re looking so nutritious and delicious. No, seriously… do you come straight from work or something? Like from a job training those new dim sum waiter recruits?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

i’ve only been out of school a week and im goin crazy out of bordom oh my gosh i dont think i ever played so much games in my life for the past week.

p.s. the tourny is still this saturday right?

I am sancho


…i…actually…don’t…know. I kinda just wake up and put on whatever.

Why don’t you just stop the cyber flirting. You 2 just have sex already.

i’m trying to play hard to get. I dont wanna make it sound like I’m too easy

Those are your “whatever” clothes? Fuck man… shit is dressier than my “wedding” clothes.

And seeing as we’ve so inadvertantly stumbled onto the topic of weddings… will you marry me?


chun li: Im going to go to york on thursday from like 4:30-7 or so

Oh ya jb’s mugshot is the best

you meant GB right?



James brown.


just checking =]

uhh, might drop by yorku tomorrow or thursday

in arnolds voice from Conan the movie : “who are you?”

oh btw how does the tourny work on sat.? single elim? or 2 loses and your out?