Toronto February Thread 2008

:rofl: Some guy actually tried to clump Toronto into a winter/spring thread like it’s York U. :rofl:

Funland is the training ground of thugs.

Playscape is the training ground of young managers on how to fail in life.

Lovegetty is proof posotive that you don’t need to speak english in order to be successful.

posting in official TO Thread.

proud supporter of the REAL official TO thread, not sum winter/spring bullshit thread lol , that was funny shit tho

I feel bad for sealhunta, this happened to me in november, but at least it was still a montly thread, I think the two threads got merged, so I won anyway.

In other news, Andy & Cyrus I’ll have your stuff for sat on orbit

This thread lacks Drama and is conformist

chumps aren’t allowed to make threads. It’s just the way it is around here.

I heard your talking shit about me.

Wanna money match?


HaHAHAHA "official T.O. thread"
There hasn’t been one in ages

okay don’t forget to bring it this time, i’ll call you earlier just to remind you dude

oh shit, the ogs are mad

dont forget to bring that thing tomorow. peace

both are already in my backpack, its a sure deal. Quan we gonna run some friendly $5 2/3 in 3s?

cameraman has one 4gb stick for tomorrow and hopes that will be enough.

my camera has 3 settings for recording vids… high quality, normal, and low quality. low quality can get me 3 and a half hours of footage, but how crappy is low quality on a 7mp camera?

Could’ve bought one off me scrub.


SCOOP! Jay is a dealer? Can I get a PM for some weapons grade plutonium? Times inside Funland are getting SERIOUS, and I need to upgrade my pre-emptive self defense due to 2008’s massive increase in stabbings. :lol: :looney: :looney:

Get an AV scrub, should say: “I rape with kara throws all day!” :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney:

Just posting in advance:

Nagata/Angelic: “RTSD needs to mind his fucking business.”

the 7mp doesn’t matter,

unless ur camera is a high def video camera it probably records video at something like this

640 x 480 high
320 x 240 med
160 x 120 low

whatever u do, make sure u got extra batteries

i only have one battery, the one thats included when i bought it. the lithium ion battery

i’ll bring my camera, its big don’t laugh at me

That’s what I tell the white girls but they don’t care

I ended up dropping by Playscape. I was that kid with the orange shirt and black sweats watching in the corner. Had no idea who anyone was. Then I played Stacked for a bit and goddamn that thing’s rigged.