Toronto "Free Box" March Thread

Lockdown Today !:woot:

yo dice, i was talking to the goatie guy today and he was being checked for weed on raid-day and he called himself a genius bcuz…he smoked up really fast and cops couldnt find any

Today he taught me SGGK for Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

Free box!

free box free box

it doesn’t even matter

free box is the ultimate

Originally Posted by jj_tactics
this is jj that random mvc2 player from edmonton!
im leaving to toronto tommorow morning i’ll be thier for 9 days, and im staying somwhere downtown at the pentages or somthing like that !!
anyways im looking for some marvel peeps to beat down on while im in town
soo if anyone wants to meet up holla at me, try to text cause that shits free fo me
or email
peace outside !!

do u know how to get to pacific mall?

take the go train from union to milken (i think that is the name) and then like a <10 minute walk

or some how get to kennady and steeles by using TTC ?

You should money match JJ Tactics, i heard he’s freebox.

free box

free box!

i think he means free money
which i am
soo if anyone want’s to make some hit me up
im down for mm too

no he means free box

<------ best av ever

Can’t wait for T9 free box avs

I have these nightmares of someone standing over me doing the suckit motion and yelling freebox at me

i would monder match anyone if they came on tuesday or wednesday to pmall

what is freebox?

Your not suppose to speak about the background of free box :confused::rolleyes:

don’t worry the infidels still don’t know

lol free box. It would be hilarious if the was a real wiki entry for it.

FL was so freebox with my yang today, i had to lose on purpose to leave