Toronto GG Accent Core tourney + side MBAC/3S/MVC2 @ Lovegety [07/07/07]

Okay, this is probably the first tournament at lovegety that has ever been known to us, and its pretty different from what we’re used to because its HOSTED by the arcade, and im just helping to run it, so read up everything and dont say i didnt tell u to!

Saturday July 7th, 2007

  • I’m sure we all need the AC practice before T8 right? especially now that its the main game =D
  • NOTHING can go wrong with these numbers as our date!! 7/7/7 ftw

Lovegety Station
505 Highway #7 East
Commerce Gate

Guilty Gear Accent Core - sponsored by lovegety ran by me/k2/x-sapphire
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B2 - ran by me/k2/x-saphhire
Marvel VS Capcom 2 - ran by nagata lock
3rd Strike - ran by nagata lock

GGAC: Singles Tournament, Double Elimination

  • Since its hosted by the arcade, ONLY THIS machine will be set on FREE PLAY EVENT MODE for the whole day for us to play our tournament (probably for practicing too). There will also be NO ENTRY FEE so its a free tourney for all to come and make our community grow.
    MBAC: Singles Tournament, Double Elimination
  • This one is ran by us, so its more of the regular tournaments we’re used to. Entry fee of 3 dollars (new game, im sure ppl will appreciate the low entry fee). Event mode, 50 cents per game, 2/3 rounds
    MVC2: Singles Tournament, Double Elimination, $3 entry fee
  • Nagata’s running this… so im guessing you sign up the day of the tourney? Event mode, 50 cents per game, 2/3 rounds?
    3rd Strike: Singles Tournament, Double Elimination, $3 entry fee
  • Nagata’s running this, same rules as MVC2

Lovegety opens at around 3-4, so the schedule will hafta look something like this.

  • 4:00 - registration
  • 5:00 - tournament begins
  • hopefully finish around 8/9 depending on the amount of people that shows up

GGAC:** Lovegety will be supplying the prize for us **
estimates for now, somewhere in this range though

  • 1st: $100
  • 2nd: $50
  • if more than 16 people show up, 3rd: 20
  • if it reaches the 32 mark (wtf?), 4th: 10
    yes, it might seem wierd because even if more people join, the top 2 gets the same amount, but hey, its free money, and thats always welcomed.
    MBAC: **70/30 split **since the entry fee is low and im not expecting a crazy huge turnout
    MVC2: 80/20 split
    3s: 80/20 split

Please pre-register here, I dont want to be crowded around by 30 people and this will help organize things better. There will be last-minute signsup the day of the event however. but still, if ur reading this, register here


  • We can do this tournament during anyday of july, but i think this date is the best for everybody with T8 coming up and such, if majority wants it or is unable to come, we can postpone this date to an other day in july
  • Me/K2 is only helping lovegety to organize/run this, if for some idiotic reason they decide to cancel this tournament (HIGHLY unlikely, been talking about it for a month now) dont hate us.
  • They’re also planning a HNK tournament in June, signups are available now at lovegety, except the boss is organizing/running this so you’ll have to ask him for details. same format, so why not join and have some fun?
  • They’re also planning a MBAC Ver B2 (CE) tournament in August, organized by me/k2 again, will post another thread for MBAC later on. JOIN THIS TOO!!
  • If you haven’t noticed by now, the game supplier only supplies enough prizes/resources for 1 free tournament a month, so things like this MAY continue if showups are nice. so join every thing lol.

Lovegety FTW

saving space for registered players:

  1. Pui
  2. K2
  3. X-Sapphire
  4. Jay
  5. Evil
  6. Dawnbringer
  7. Dice
  8. Forest Blazer
  9. Ninja Wallace
  10. Tim
  11. Tony
  12. FTK
  13. SleepyMKII
    14: psychochronic
  14. MDK
  15. Shinn Souichiro
  16. Kellfire
  17. DG


  1. Pui
  2. K2
  3. X-Sapphire
  4. Tim
  5. Tony
  6. FTK
  7. MDK
  8. Kellfire

I’m winning with my top tier whore.

Sign me up.

thx for making the thread pui

sign me up

Hm, I was afraid of this. Can’t make it, the day of my cousins wedding.

You fags, July is too far hahaha.

Gonna have to settle the issue w/the overheating board though.

jay, teach me that cheap ass pot combo.

me goin

wow Free money, no literally free money !

Sign me up. Time for secret Axl training… :wgrin:

Sign me up. I’ll need a whole shitload of practice before hand, but I might as well give it a shot.

god damn jay noodleman and dice, i cant even tell from ur posts whether or not ur joining
but hell
im signing u up regardless lol


added MBAC to the info… except i cant get the thread name to change
anyone know how to change thread name?

i’m in.


Nile is gimmick

pui sux … :stuck_out_tongue:

apparently, lovegety players cant find this thread lol
it signals for a bump time
is sauga in for this since forest blazer is coming so they can get driven?

I have talked to Joe and it seems I’m going with him.
What other machines are there in Lovegetty?

tk5 (not dr)
some kof i think

lol damn sauga players and the lack of transportation !

Ummm, yeah, let me bus from Square One to Islington, then train from Islington to Don Mills then YRT to Lovegetty which takes about 3 1/2 hours total.