Toronto GGAC/AH @ Lovegety Results [09/15/07]

Guilty Gear Accent Core 2v2* - 9 teams*

  1. K2 / Anthony (Eddie, Potemkin, Dizzy / Ky)
  2. ZeroFalcon / Tony (Slayer, Zappa / Slayer)
  3. DarkDragon / X-Sapphire (Faust, Baiken, Jam / Order-Sol, Chipp)
  4. MDK / ForestBlazer (Testament / Axl)
  5. Cheatah / Kellfire (Axl / Ky)
  6. AlterGenesis / Shin (Dizzy, Dizzy)
  7. madmoochie / baku (I-no / Sol)
  8. Aiden / Dawnbringer ( Zappa / Anji)
  9. Jug / R Miller (Slayer / Anji)

Arcana Heart* - 11 players*

  1. ZeroFalcon (Liesolette, Fiona)
  2. Andy (Konoha)
  3. K2 (Heart)
  4. Cheatah (Mei-Fang)
  5. X-Sapphire (Mei-Fang)
  6. Tony (Lilica)
  7. Shin (Saki)
  8. Scarab (Kamui, Maori)
  9. Kellfire (Kamui)
  10. Psychochronic (Fiona)
  • Melty Blood was cancelled due to lack of interest and Pui being too lazy to host it.
  • Hella fun tournament. Good shit to all placers. Some insanely close matches. Good shit to forestblazer for bringing me to 1 pixel of health left before I started BLAZING the forests.
  • Vids for GGAC and AH will be posted in a day or two. Big thanks to Kellfire for bringing in his equipment to record everything.
  • It was nice to meet the Buffalo crew. Hope you guys can make it to the next monthly.
  • Thanks to everyone for coming out, support the scene! :dp::hp:

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Fuck me for messing up shit. But, man, people on my side saw me mashing out the fish and it wasn’t happening. (At least I had two OCVs =/) Meh, good matches…yet, here I was practicing for Melty Blood and Pui is too lazy. :rofl:

P.S. Had some really good 3S matches today. =D

Fun tourney guys. Had some great moments like K2’s random super.
And yes, i saw altergenesis’ fish not coming out, only HS came out. Weirdness. O.O

P.S. I should get paid for record the vids but oh well.


I bet you did, being sick and all.

Btw sapphire.
Aiden plays Zappa.
I think Baku plays Baiken, Mad. plays I-no.
Jug and R Miller used Slayer and Anji, i don’t know who used who.

Um… Cheetah used his Axl today not Baiken

hey hey
mbac is cancelled due to lack of interest
quite frankly speaking
me, nazir, and cheetah would have to join to make it 8 people, and i’ve asked them all, they’d rather not join if they had a choice =)
and i’d rather not host and beg ppl to join lol
Badguy should have hosted it! he’d drag 20 ppl to play like he did at T8

We thought about running it, but when we did, it was already too late.

gg to all the players i have played, n good job to my partner antony ^^b

  • big thx to kellfire for recording all the matches m(_ _)m
  • thx to nazir for hosting ggac
  • good to see Buffalo players in Toronto and share experiences across the boarder
  • heart was beating twice as fast while playing with tony’s sl and pui’s za
  • failed to frc pot.buster and 2hs>frc>air pot buster td =\
  • I hope MDK enjoyed the JP ramen :stuck_out_tongue:
  • if anything , u can always blame the “host” :rofl:

yo man you shud have told me. im so convincing thats why ppl play. jus tell them they are the greatest how beastly they are. lol i swear i T8 i told ppl they were amazing and they’ve never even played the game lol oh well hopefully next we’ll play. we shudnt let this game die out already =(

jus want to give shout outs to everyone!
k2 for showing me where to get some good noodles
forestblazer for being my partner
x-sap for hosting
kellfire for the damn amazing equipment and recording the matches
cheetah for teaching some arcana heart (seriously my 1st choice was kira and after playin with her i got a bit discouraged about playin but after choosing other chars i was so amped to play again. this game is bomb!)
the buffalo crew you guys got potential PLEASE come down again! you guys were kool and its always good to see new talent
pui finally i get to face you, tournies never seem to work out that we get to face each other, i need to get a taste of the guy who keeps takin our money!
if i forgot anyone else my bad, my respectz go out to u guys too!

ps. sorry for floppin out on arcana heart but it really wud have jus been a waste of my money, definitely when it comes out for console i will learn to play and join in on the madness =)

Good games to everyone.

Arcana is slowly killing MBAC

if only these game companies would make like Namco and add a ps2 pad port to their machines.
by the next tourney I should be fluent in joystick :slight_smile:

ggs, to everyone.
and to that one guy that thought I beat him with Anji… >_>…
it wasnt me, it was the little guy lol. when you asked if I was him, I said
I was, before realizing that I never play’d an Axle player in the tournement

BTW, how can I get footage of the tourney?

you live in toronto? do you use yang in 3S?

i hope zerofalcon does not make slayer his main character

I use Yang, I think I had a mirror match with you lol.
boy I suck on JOYSTICK >_<

and I was part of the buffalo NY crew

Fixed. :rofl:

They’ll be up for download soon. Give Kellfire a few days to convert them.

:rofl: Do I look like I’m stinkin rich? You’re the one with all the fancy equipment. :wink:

Thank you guys for this great experience. It was fun to check out a healthy arcade scene, we don’t really have that here. We’ll definitely train harder for the future tho. and now shouts…

X-saph for doing the dirty work in running the tourny, whupping ass in general, and conversating with me about the scene. u r just one swell guy :clap:
Fblazer for just being real down and having entertaining matches
MDK for really impressing with his cross up badlands setup :amazed:
Kellfire? or whoever was the Ky player was who had the tight match with me, then coming over with wish me a GG, GG to you too bro! :tup:
Aiden for being cool and telling me about the arcades around the area
And finally my crew and everyone else I didn’t mention.

This was fun, hope to do this again. GL w/ school and see u guys down the road.

GGs to all I played. Damn it Nazir that round is going to haunt me for weeks now, very good match though.

Nice to meet MadMoochie, RMILLER and the rest of the US guys. Next time I’ll definitely be up for more casuals

Highlight was definitely K2 heavenly bustering his way to victory (Even Dark Giygas would have shit his pants) :rofl:

Hahaha yeah I had no idea at the time. Figured it out much later

I really don’t care about getting paid or whatever. I just love GG. >,<
My camera is a piece of crap man. I accidently lost one vid. Sorry guys.

GG to everyone.
Nazir for hosting this crazy tourney.
Madmoochie for that very close match.
K2 for his crazy super tourney ender.
Altergenesis for finally coming to LG. Yay!
Tight matches everywhere.

omg somebody noticed tear i feel so honored by your kind words sir =)

Maybe that was me. I was playing that black Yang. EX Mantis! =D Also, yeah, shouts to t the Buffalo guys, I think it was you guys I was playing in casuals and all tournament. I was that white Dizzy jumping all over the fucking place. That Anji hit me with one solid jump install combo. =D