Toronto GGAC/MBAC/3S @ Lovegety [07/07/07]

** Guilty Gear Accent Core - 26 players **

  1. Pui (Zappa, Anji, I-no, Testament)
  2. K2 (May, Eddie, Sol)
  3. X-Sapphire (Chipp, ABA, Order Sol)
  4. DarkDragon (Faust, Baiken, Sol)
  5. Tony (Slayer, Sol)
  6. Raphael (May)
  7. YellowS4 (Potemkin)
  8. ForestBlazer (Testament)
  9. FTK (Johnny, Sol)
  10. DarkGiygas (Potemskin)
  11. Shin Souichiro (Dizzy)
  12. Dice (Faust)
  13. MDK (Sol)
  14. Evil (Slayer)
  15. Dawnbringer (Anji)
  16. Tim (Testament)
  17. Jabir (Eddie, Sol)
  18. Kellfire (Ky)
  19. Jack (Sol)
  20. Park (Testament?)
  21. Psychochronic (Eddie)
  22. SleepyMK2 (Slayer?)
  23. Gordon (Slayer)
  24. GaijinBlaze (Slayer)
  25. Sam (Potemkin)
  26. Quan (Sol?)

** Melty Blood Act Cadenza - 9 players **

  1. Pui
  2. K2
  3. Tony
  4. X-Sapphire
  5. MDK
  6. Tim
  7. FTK
  8. Kellfire
  9. Psychochronic

** Street Fighter 3 Third Strike - 11 players **

  1. Cruxay
  2. Phastestpig
  3. Louie
  4. Sam
  5. DarkDragon
  6. King
  7. X-Sapphire
  8. Hugo
  9. Dice
  10. Tree
  11. Don

Awesome tournament. Lots of close matches everywhere. Certainly one of the best GG tournaments.

Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks to Lovegety management for hosting.

T8 is coming…


Props to Forest Blazer for making top 8.

i didnt use sol this tourny i used testament, i played horrible the entire day =( but everyone was really on par this tourny good games to everybody
i’ll see all you guys at T8

Andrew, the white monster.

Pui, the scam artist.

Funny tounry.
I will find a way to beat k2’s eddie with my sol…:sad:
And sapphire makes me want to play order sol.

Incase anyone was wondering


  1. Pui (Akiha)
  2. K2 (Miyako, V.Sion, Red Arc)
  3. Tony (Ciel, Nanaya)
  4. X-Sapphire (Red Arc)
  5. MDK (Nanaya)
  6. Tim (V.Akiha, Len)
  7. FTK (Chaos)
  8. Kellfire (Red Arc)
  9. Psychochronic (Chaos)

Good tourney everybody, tnx for support = =b

(to forest blazer, first page of tournament events section of this same thread.)

The forests were blazing at LG but smokey the bear didnt show up until pui!

Congrats on 7th, BTW whats up with some top 5 casuals before t8?

I talk shit to burning trees all the time. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Ah kk, he told me about you… the joker…

edit- BTW im raphael aka nameless counter or what u see on the left, thats why im saying whats up with some top 5 casuals :D… DD i will never lose to sol’s again in a tournament!

Meatskin. Sol is stupid. GG getting home @ 2am last night LOL.

now that i’ve actually had some sleep, i can actually think and say something important

jay, ur a beast, get the fuck away from me =P

fun tourney
t(=w=t) giving me (=w=)P when I was playing eddie:rofl:

thats not very nice when u don’t use smilies

Nobody was :arazz:

Great tournament in all honesty im so impressed with the community and skill that we got. It felt like Evo East all over again without tho me having to bail DD n Js out :rofl:, GG to all

Thanks Brett. Great tourney, 26 people was total madness. GGs to everyone I played, especially Tony(insane matches). Also LG manager >>> entire PMall staff.

:wonder: …SECRET AXL TRAINING!!! :rofl:

LG manager >>> entire PMall staff indeed

whats that supposed to mean? = =
and yes
asking for top 5 casuals for the sole reason that u’re top 5 is quite disrespectful towards other players
its fine to be happy but its not fine to disrespect people who placed lower than u
especially this post

at least thats how i find it

fucking canada.

sorry i assumed people would know im joking… nazir was joking with me when he knew i had 5th down asking me if i thought i could get to the top five and i told him i didnt know… i will note though, smiles means jokes and no smiles means death seriousness (note i was going to put :mad: face cause i feel it fits the way it looks but it is a mad/angry face apparently and i dont want any1 to get offended as im new to the GG community so ill put this one :confused: )

BTW ive been bothering nazir and fil for casuals for more then a month at least but i am very serious about trying to do good at T8, though my team and i will probably get rocked, ive even looked at all the frame chart lists. (its pretty helpful if any1 wants to look at it, also im very thankful to k2 who showed me it)

BTW as an example (i think its on the T8 dustloop forum page when talking about ggslash and ggac being in the same tournament) k2 says dbl game dbl the money :), kinda implying that he would win both of them. i know k2 didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way cause i know him somewhat but i just hope you will give me some sort of understanding. Plz dont private msg me saying im bashing k2 cause im not im just saying that if you dont know a person, the things they say over the internet can be taken the wrong way. I’m not a trash talker, i just tease. My friend forest blazer (who alot of people dont give respect to because of his video, which is uncalled for because unless u know GG in and out black combos dont even show themselves to you and being a person who doesnt own a jap or modded ps2, therefore doesnt get game play of gg alot but just watches match vids, its hard to know when you are actually able to tech out of a combo and mashing isnt as good as a precise recovery, less chance of being punished after you recover.) anyways my friend forest blazer who i sometimes get to play casuals with got 7th place, which is amazing for either one of us, so i was just poking fun at my friend… like wow u did good but na na not good enough for me, your rival/friend.

Eh well its possible i wrote the longest shoryuken reply post about a single line in a post, ever. So is it all good now pui? btw im still open for casuals with anyone cause i love you all :razzy:

thats not a long srk reply post at all, u should have seen my posts about orbit and gg = =
its all good, im not hating u or anything, just that if the message i received was the message u’re trying to send, then that’d really annoy me.
always remember, sarcasm doesnt work on forums, i’ve got myself in trouble plenty of times, even WITH smilies =
glad to see that ur that serious about the game tho, its been a while since theres new serious players. Welcome to the community. =D

Forest Blazer is the most dangerous player as tagged by everyone. =D

P.S. Joe never bust out a Chuck Norris joke ever again. Thanks. =P