Toronto GGXX Tourney!


Yo here is the results…:cool:


Yo once again good to see everybody was there!

First place - Chris (Tidus)
Second - Dickson (Chuismon)
Third - Roy (Turtle master… :smiley: )

Good game ppl
Look forward to the next one!

Zappa rocks


it would be nice if you guys advertised these tourneys so that other people can join.


Everyone who plays the game in Toronto and has interest of improving in ggxx regularly shows up for the tourney. It’s a small group of people and everyone knows each other so the word gets around.

Everyone else is too stuck up to gay cvs2 to give time to this so there’s no point advertising it.

And FYI, it’s bi-weekly, the last one was on Nov. 15.
I never knew you played it cuz you’re never on ggxx at Orbit, well it’s always good to see new challengers so the next one is on November 29 if you’re interested.


EVERYONE obviously doesn’t know. So not advertising is a great way to stay a SMALL group of people. I play GGXX at Orbit, and even when I win or lose no one invites me to your secret tournament.

Just because you lack the skill to play cvs2 doesn’t make it gay. It makes you a scrub.

I’ll be there.


Hey good game ppl ! :cool:

Some ppl didnt show up such as X-Sap, Rock, and Roy :bluu:
But we got 2 new players instead this time around… Rabbit and Gary

Both are pretty good player, just lack tourney experience…

Anyhow, here is the result:

1 st - Tidus (Chris)
2 nd - Chiusmon (Dickson)
3 rd - Blue Zero (KC.)

Good game!
See you guys next time…


CvS2 is a good game but I just dont like how the speed on that game, its kinda slow, maybe i got used to GGXX… especially if some one just turtle all day in CvS2… and dont say it cant happen, cuz i see it all the time

But maybe I will learn it one day and kick some scruby ass

And who are you again?


That’s what happens when I don’t show up :lol:
Yea sorry about that, probably the first and only ggxx tourney I missed.

Rock didn’t show up cuz he’s scared of snow.

Oh yeah KC, who’s Garry/Rabbit, who do they play with?

Jack, why didn’t you show up?


Tidus is a c0ck sucking faggot
who can’t deal w/the fact that I own him
and he has to bitch and whine about how I’m cheap


Word! :smiley:


whens the next time you guys playing? i just wanna see some matches, cuz i havent had the chance to play the game much


what sup guys…i played some of you last week when i was up in Toronto…i was the guy who used Axl…too bad i got to Orbit kinda late last saturday or I wouldve joined the tourney…how do i read your results anyway? I see 5, 3, -2 points there and what do they mean? ill be in Toronto again during the Xmas break…hope to play u guys again later


It’s using Round Robin format, you get to play 1 match with everyone, winning rounds gets you points, winning 3 rounds in a row means +5 points, person with highest points = winner.

If you’re gonna come by again during the Xmas break, try and make it for the weekend of December 27-28 cuz we have a BIG tourney on the 27’th and we’re having GGXX singles and Teams if there’s enough ppl, bring your friends too. :smiley:

Crow: Our next bi-weekly tournament is on December 13. Tourney goes as planned unless December 13 is announced as Unlimited Night at Orbit, in that case the tourney is cancelled.

Wow KC, we’re getting more players! :wink:


i remember you…you came to orbit a few times before using venom and pote right?


Not really 3 round in a row… :lol:

Player get 1 point for winning a round,

Then he/she get +2 point (total of 5) for winning 3 round in the match without losing a round (perfect match)

And then the loser of that match will get a -2 for being stupid enough not to win atleast 1 round…

Therefore one must atleast try to win 1 round no matter how bad the player is, or else he/she will get a -2 deduction

Finals are the top 3 players, then they will again have 1 more match to see who will be the winner

Oh btw, the chart reads from top to bottom… just in case anybody is confuse in here…:wink:


anyone came to orbit on monday using testament or johnny, i was using baiken and a crappy one at that, any baiken players here who could give me some tips? and whens the next tourney your having besides the xmas tourney?


wow you still remember from back then? that was a while ago when I was trying out characters…but Ive been stuck with Axl lately and not willing to try other characters anymore…
did I play u last week?