Toronto(GTA) Plexi Group Buy #3: (Custom artwork/protection for your TE/HORI)

Hey guys, i’m going to be buying a Plexi cover for my TE from Arthong Tek-Innovations, soon, and shipping gets expensive. Group buys let you save on shipping, for the exact product.

Plexi covers help protect the artwork on your stick, or you can use it to etch awesome stuff on the cover of the stick itself. If you want to customize your stick for cheap, this is probably the best and easiest way to go about it. If we get at least 10 people, it’ll be $4 shipping as opposed to $40! **HUGE SAVINGS! **

Look through the site, it has plexi covers for pretty much all MadCatz TE sticks, including the TE-S.

I will require all payment BEFORE I put in the order. You can either pick up the plexi from me in Mississauga, or meet me somewhere at a tournament/casuals. I will be going to TOSF HQ/TFNS pretty often, and I work Downtown 2-3 days a week, so those are also options.

Post in this thread if interested, do NOT PM me.

To give people enough time to choose artwork and stuff, I will be putting in the order on the 28th of November. This means people can also pay me at the Bison’s Autoshop Tournament.

I’m interested. I already have the artwork I want (thanks to Image Mishmash section) and I will let you know what I exactly want.

I’m interested as well. Hopefully I’ll see you at TOHQ soon.

Interested! Hopefully I’ll run into during a casuals session.

I’m interested in 2 TE and 2 TE-S.
Does he have anything for HRAP3 or V3SA? My Ryu HRAP3 has no protection and neither do the Hori HRAPV3SA BB sticks I have.

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

I’m interested.

oop, my bad. suppose i should have just checked for myself.

Thanks Desi.

I’m down for a TE Extended Cover

I’m down for maybe a plexi and some art as well.

I’m interested

Damn, I just ordered a full plexi case, I should of started a group buy to save on shipping oh wells :frowning:

We have 7 interested people already! Who else wants in on this?!

Just posted on our FB page to try and garner some more interest.

Appreciate it man.

OK, i’m going to message Arthong and tell him we have about ~7-10 people interested, and let’s see if I can get some discounts.

If not too late I’d like to add 2 HRAP3 plexi covers.

Interested in 1 TE extended cover and a TE extended print out. ill give you the .psd file or whatever you need when you make the order

DingDong - 1
Paul187 - 1
MrBryson - 1
Omega Orochi - 6
RoxTC - 1
Skitzo - 1
FreezerB - 1
Dabmai - 1
DaDesiCanadian - 1

Is what we have so far. I’d like a solid confirmation on these before I message Arthong.

I may be a two but I’ll get solid confirmation on that later today.

Also, I have previous orders with arthong so we can get artwork discounts if we don’t already have it.

I’m definitely down for one.