Toronto HQ BBQ Jam (July 15 @6PM)

You are invited to Toronto HQ’s first ever fan appreciation BBQ to celebrate summer. This event is free and the food will be provided by donations from Scott, Anant, and Stephen. Come out, show your support and have a blast!

We will be serving…
[*]And other BBQ food fare…
Free alcohol will be provided on the premise so we will be asking for ID’s. Please drink responsibly.

We will also be hosting casual sessions of SSFIV AE, MVC3, MK as well as other fighting games all night long!

[]Friday, July 15, 2011
]6pm – 12 am (or whenever we decide to close)

[]375 Middlefield Road (Finch and Middlefield)
]This is a storage Unit

[*]Dark Dragon - 647 887 4972

**Price **

There will be a donation box at the door to help support TOSF HQ for the future. All donations will be used for rent, repairs, additional setups and as well as developing the fighting game community in Toronto. We thank you for your support and we hope to see you there!

*We appreciate that you let us know ahead of time on whether or not you can make it to this event so we can get a head count on how much food we need.


awww i gotta find somewhere to stay in TO! LOL wish HQ had internet. I would stream it ALL!

Edit: I’m coming to this.

I’m in. Can someone please give me a ride home or to Brampton?

Come watch a free movie!

alright and what are you charging? “nothing its free”

and how much does this free movie cost? “nothing its free”

And how much will the bill end up being at the end of this BBQ? “nothing its free”

free movie? out of my way jerkass nanananananan batman

Yay, meat! Is there anything I can bring?

is it available for everyone, even the people that aren’t too close with the scene?

I’ll come out to this.
@psychochronic: ill give u a ride. Ill be leavin around 6-6:30pm if i go

EVERYONE is welcome to bring food, snacks, and drinks.

ANYONE is welcome to this thing. All we ask is that you be nice and donate - this is a community effort, and 100% of the donations go back into keeping HQ running and alive.

This thread should be stickied. It is for a good cause.


best of luck with this event

Thanks for the positive responses so far guys!

Right now, we have plenty of space - tell your friends. If you have people who have been unsure about coming out to play, this is the perfect opportunity. Instead of walking into a room full of guys playing, you’ll be walking into a bunch of people playing games, enjoying some barbeque, and generally enjoying a godlike summer day.

Ill bring 12pk and sum rum. Who is takin shots with me

and in all likelyhood intoxicated :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bring up some chicken and maybe some salad. How many coolers will you have on hand. I don’t want to make shit if it has a chance of spoiling.

I’m down! Can’t say no to games and BBQ lol

Ill try and bring some food.

anybody from Hamilton going? I’d bring some booze or chronic, but I doubt I have enough money right now to be bussing out to Toronto and back as well. I can toss some money for gas however.

count me in

Are you gonna DJ for us? Live music would be nice…

I’ll be there to do a live performance of My Heart Will Go on! 11pm Sharp!