TORONTO January 2k4 Thread


Yeah it’s not New Years yet. But Fuck you anyway.


Anyone gonna be at orbit tomorrow ???

metro ??

Fuck you.


probably, I need to get better in Marvel, who are you anyways Bait? and when do you guys show up at Metro? I’ve gone there with a friend on weekdays around 7-9 and no one is usually there.


i want to go play at your house marvin


People goto metro around 9pm for mtrl training!!


happy new years niggas one more month then i get my diploma then you’ll be seein me at orbit or metro alot more. peace.:smiley:


why isnt anyone posting in the thread where the fuck are you dumb niggers at


was anyone at orbit yesterday? I just recall 2 magneto players whom I got my ass kicked by… anyone planning on going today to orb or metro?


Whatever. I don’t even play (yet :p) but I’ll post, since this thread is depressingly empty. C’mon guys, you can do better than this…


A fair amount of the Toronto players are in Montreal (and getting punked by shitty sticks and scammy brackets from what I hear) so they’re not posting.


who went to mtl?


Hmm… I may be a bit off but:


I’m sure I’m missing a couple of people.


Shit… that’s 'nuff people.

I’m supposed to be in Syracuse right now… and then NJ for an SC2 tournament, but our ride bailed on us. Boo…



Nagata, which games did you join? and who was that guy beating everybody before the tourney started? he had like almost 20 or so winning streak


i’m coming to mtl next time. I have to see what the comotion is all about


I joined CvS2 and lost horribly. Let us never speak of it again.

The guy who was running casual before the tournament in MvC2 was Bryan “Jiggabry” Simard from Sauga Crew. He had a 25 game win streak before Eric beat him.


nagata lock, i’m the one who added you on MSN. I tried to tell you but you’re never online


:lol: I think I blocked and deleted you already. I’ll re-add you now. :lol:


anyone got plans on going to metro or obrit this week? just saw where funland is a few days ago, but didnt go inside, what are the games there?


what?who the fuck said that?shitty sticks my ass, the only machine that had problem was ggxx

manaboy did the bracket for cvs2 and he put roger and ian second round.somebody should have told us that ian was from TO