Toronto January Thread

So this thread shouldn’t have been created for another 2 hours. Oh well.

Oh Fuck You

removed by popular consensus

please dont use the N word i am very offended by it
thx in advance



I’ll teach you sentinel.

i should have let dragon kick your ass

Marc, I have 2 school rumble ovas for you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

add me on MSN:

T7 is coming…

Hello Herny…

umm, dont talk about pulling lame crap dude, cuz u jus pulled a lame one saying u lost cuz that was ur first time playing 3s since the tourney. bottom line u said my ken sucked (which is true), but i jus whooped ur ken … lol …

about $100, nah… sorry i dont have that kinda money to spend … but im sure if you ask c-royd … im pretty sure he’ll play u for $100 best 3/5 … hahah a

happy new years !!

awww … u were right tho, he’s jus a little kid … hahahha

happy new years !!

u shoulda just say yes.
cause he said the exact same thing to me… offered me a $100 mm in cvs2. i said “yes, sure, right now tho”, but he replied with “nono! im just joking!”

u liar! :annoy:
i said 50 :lol:

say yes, cyrus’ ken is shit too ;]. Happy kwanza cyrus!

rgr. cancelling my downloads now

i finally got my computer working and i saw the ovas. i was like “holy shit, download now!”

bye will. it was nice meeting you man

starting my new job tomorrow. hopefully it’ll be as good as i hope

ya man its sick.
theres also gonna be a season 2 in a few months!!!

good luck on that new job

peaceee will

thanks for the bbt… cya at t7?

so yeah… i’m at work right now… and my supervisor is not in

so all i’ve been doing is brainstorming new ideas… so i will ask a question to you guys

would you buy a capcom / fighting game calender? (either a wall mounted one or a boxed one)

various pictures of different fighting games, maybe include snapshots of some broken aspects, little tips / jokes randomly inserted (ie. you can do a standing short -> ken’s sa3 in 3s)

what do you think? (and before you say anything, no, this is not the only thing i’ve brainstormed… just the only thing i brainstormed concerning games)

page 2 yet -_-!

post whoring

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Toronto January Thread

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