Toronto January Thread

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Happy New Year everyone!

p3nis of the horse!

would you guys still read this thread if everypage was like 99% full of BENess?

omg phuck you ben was here and I missed him again? FUCK.

OMG, he’s like polkaroo

holy crap … he wasss hurrrrr ? and we all missed him ??? dayum …

skeet skeet skeet

Yes, I would buy a capcom snk doa female hentai fighting game calender.

york tourney on saturday

i need something to help with the pain. -advil
we stopped walkin’ down memory lane, -i hear that!
hes a cruel man now, suppose to shame. -yea violence is not cool
used to be a champion rockin’ the game. -no you suck
now i got this bottle of self-inflicted -beer?
n’ quit on life so i aint addicted -addicted to what?
still wont get down on my knees. -i’ll get you on ur knees pretty boy

instead of saying POLK AAAH ROO
i’ll say PHUCK yOOooo BEN!!!

t3 is coming!

Imma bust skill in your mouth. My fucking skill be all overflowing and running all over your face, down your throat, getting in your hair. Oh, ohhh, OHHH… SKIIIIILLLL!!!

happy birthday ADAMB

happy birthday adam oxulia

and soon, happy birthday marc

in case you’re wondering why he’s named Adam B, its’ because there were 2 Adam’s and we called them A and B.

but how can the other adam be A when hes also adam B?


Adam Beetcha$$

happy birthday adamb