Toronto July 2006 Thread

money match me for $0 dlrs

Not that it wasn’t obvious but…


EDIT: 30 - 0. Sounds like I’m not the only one that needs to quit Marvel.

Hey, I’m not one to give up.

On a related note, Stephen mistakenly happened (while playing Dennis) onto a beastly Storm/Doom reset. Which he then used on me. Bastard.

I will join MArvel tournys now, if im gonna be at the tournament might as well join cuz GGXX usually flops … :stuck_out_tongue:

T7 is coming!
time to start practising and own all of u again

shut up scrub

Can i be in ur cvs2 team gordy? Cuz ur too good!

Someone beat up yangda xie or dayang or drake or whatever his pseudonym is for me. 5’ 5ish chinese guy with thick black glasses and emo haircut. Plays T5 with Asuka a lot (has an Asuka card). Goes to Waterloo, is working in Toronto this summer.

Most ppl that plays T5 dont post here, and most ppl that post here, dont play T5.

P.S oh ya, other than Hamstar, but hes too cool.

be nice. or else hamster won’t let you join T5 cause you’re 5 minutes late.

Howard: Triple Rocket Punch ftw!!

That’s fucking bullshit. I was scammed out of block.

Actually, my friend plays 3s as well. I think he’ll be playing either Chun or Urien, but sucks balls at the game.

Your Dreamcast, your sticks, don’t blame me, i only triple rocket punched you :wgrin:

Add Green to the list of n00bs PERFECTED by g3nn.

Winning Eleven is easily the best game to play. Kanu > Brasil

Agreed, you get rep. :tup:

gg’s to everyone at crux’s
fuck dg and his scams
fuck jay and his scams
that is all.
had a great time, thx for invite andrew


You’re going low.
You’re going high.
You’re going to regret that.