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T9: Canadian Fighting Game Championships thread (July 12th and 13th)
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T9 equipment donation thread

Didn’t see one for this month. Anyone remember how much it costed per person to go to Seasons Beatings last year?

Will anybody be at playscape sometime this week for mvc2?

I remember it being a pretty cheap trip. one night hotel, van rental, gas (2 tanks) and registration fees. I think I might have spent $150 tops.


during the weekend and possibly friday. but im not good enough to be considered competition to you =P

yesterday was fun. ggs to this guy using iceman/megaman/cc and strider/jin/bbhood? i have bad memory already.

this thread is dead -_-

:wow: Sounds like Crowbar. Haven’t seen him in over a year. :wow:

i’ll be in Hamilton on the 25-26th, anything going on?

Sup guys, Manitoba is holding an actual “big” tournament for the 3rd year in a row. We kinda kept to ourselves for the last 2 years, now we kinda want to enlarge the number of people that step through. Try and make it out here sometime…you’ll probably have to sleep in the farm or something with the cows/pigs.

TST III: Fighting Remastered

Howard; do you know what’s up with Ryan/Shaun/Quan? They haven’t pre-registered but from what I’m hearing they’re all planning to attend. What’s good?

techrocktogood and


are going to own t9.

yo who wants to play cvs2 at Orbit today?

wtf i havent been in toronto threads for so long

karan is still posting?

Fuck, so justin wong was at orbit to night


justin wong raping people with RH/jill/ken, really exciting to watch.

and virtually everyone raping me in marvel.

see you guys tomorrow. gonna be more of a cameraman.

excellent, for T8 there were a good amoutn of marvel vids

but T9, try and capture the grand finals for every tournament and some notable semi finals and money matches etc.

lets have this shit last for all eternity via the internet and preppy’s site.

16gb sd card i bought today only allows me to take more pics on my camera… but vid length is the same as my 4gb sd card…

i feel like i got ripped off, but i should be able to get all the semi finals, finals, and important MMs, as long as they arent all running simoltaneously

well if justin wong is in all the grand finals, they wont be able to run simoltaneously lol

I just heard from Shiro, and I can’t say I appreciate the things some of you are saying about me. No, I’m not a great player, but to say I suck and would have had no chance of getting anywhere at T9 is out of line.

And you guys have the best Oro player in North America? Fucking laughable. I’ll make sure Hungbee says hi at Evo.