Toronto July 2008 Thread

I have no idea who was talking shit about you but I can say that Patrick is a monster Oro player and as usual is someone the VAST majority of players outside of Toronto have never seen.

No disrespect to Patrick, he may very well have the best Oro in Canada anyway. I’d like to see him at Evo, maybe learn something.

I just don’t get why most people from Toronto and Vancouver think I would lose to a random mallrat in their cities. If you think someone’s worse than you, does shitting all over him make you feel better?

yo i know funland is closing down soon, i just wanna know if anyone here plays any other games besides 3s at funland and if they wanna run some matches in anything else excluding ddr/ddr clones and racing games, before they close down. cuz online play is still gay and im not trying to reach out all the way to scarbz ends just for some competition

yo who’s going to season’s beatings?

What arcade do you all still play at? What mall? I’m going to be in toronto today again so i want to check you guys out again

That’s EXACTLY why I quit. That and because FL is closing, and there’s no point taking a grand total of three hours of travel time to go to Orbit AKA jade palace.

And I’m just mincing words here… lots of mean, vile shit I’d like to say but I won’t say it.

I’ll say this instead:

If one accepts the way things are, it’s not possible for them to better themselves. Since there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about FL closing, I decided to quit.

When you lose sight of your goal, you have to find a new one or a new path to it.

Besides, you can’t always play the game if you want control of it

Holy shit, posting in a thread of legendaries. Except for this noob above me. Can’t believe some people get emo over this shit. WTB SOME OLD SCHOOL TECHROCKTOOGOOD IRC QUOTES.

Gordon; are you still in Brazil?

Who are you and how do you know where I am/who I am?

It’s Justin, I use two accounts.

god i love power reps.

I have to say noodles reps are pretty gdlk

Man on Fire.

can someone tell me who’s using chunli on the 1st player side?
damn i hate to say it, but he’s really fucken good

Don’t make me take your money, garcon.

well good casuals i guess.

total scores:
js master 10, mythicexile 1
js master 10, mythicexile 1 (6 actually :D)
generally speaking im completely demoralized from gaming. eric made my anus the size of a looney. i dont even know if i want to go through with the sexile tournament.

too much rape.

You should stick to wow.

Eric fucking sucks.

haha, if i went it would’ve been noodleman 10 to mythicexile 1 in cvs2 as well haha.