Toronto July Thread 2007

happy july peeps

nestor is my hero.

Happy Harper Day. Here’s to another year of land protests, bureaucratic bullshit and crappy canadian artists only there to milk in those sanctioned special events. Fuck The Trews!



Happy Canada Day



Reminds me of Funland.

True, i have seen some stuffs in FL like that !

Best SF3 vid ever. The song just had me in tears…:lol:

That Ibuki continuously trying to DP+K Akuma’s air fireball though might as well have been me though…:sad:

How FL-like. Scary.

I’m hitting up Orbit next week since my Metropass is now active.

Wish me luck.

anyone like bruce lee,

I’ll be in the area tomorrow. Is anyone interested in seeing Transformers tomorrow afternoon or evening?

Lovegety tournament this saturday

drop by if u have some time =D

lol, gdlk vid.

Maybe if a baconator is on the agenda.

Pui, 2Spicy freeplay or tournament. Do it!

its not like i’m the manager = =
im just a messenger =(

although 2Spicy is 2Good

hey all,

I am going to Toronto for work this week and thought i might be able to get some games in since my work is really close to Orbit.

What is the busier times to play, im really only interested in CvS2. Haven’t played in about 2 years really, but just started getting back into it. Let me know if theres any good times to play mon-fri after 5ish, thanks.

CvS2… lol. You MIGHT get lucky and find noodleman on friday night, but who knows, not too many play that game around here anymore.

BTW K2, I was the guy at Getty.

when are you going to be there? i can try to make it to orbit.

need teammates for tekken 5.