Toronto July Thread

Sure why not…


Marc is the worst poker player to make money I’ve ever seen. Either that or it’s truly advanced tactics.

You can’t put curry on fried chicken. It’s two great powers that can’t be combined.

Ryan’s an asshole.

Marvin is no match for someone on permanent tilt.

I may be back up on Saturday evening if you guys are free for poker/dominos. Sorry to cut out last night but I was pretty tired from working all day and still had the shitty drive home.

advanced tactics yo. you guys can’t comprihend what goes on through my complex mind. word up yo.

btw… i want to post up videos at orbit, but all i got is the official T6 trailers. can someone please dig up the links for any tosf vids. such as the cfj trailer, parry exhibition, stuff like that. plz and thnx


haha, the CFJ trailer. Kin is too fucking random. :tup:

I’d be interested in getting a hold of the parry exhibiition as well. The only TOSF video I have is the Summers End trailer.

Marc; I can burn you just about every other video GTASF/TOSF related.

parry exhibition is available at
Files > Combo Videos Hall of Fame > Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

FYI, the cfj trailer has no toronto players featured in it lol.

But I thought you did all that fancy stuff. I’m disillusioned. :sad:

I’m from Calgary jackass.

i know, they’re all jap… but you make it seem like it’s tosf, so i wanna show it :stuck_out_tongue:

justin; could you please burn me vids

Might be on auto parry

I’m pretty sure you’re from H20loo

Karan is gay.

Lol, there’s only one person in the world who falls for that.

I think he drives a Lexus.

have you even seen the video?

lol. Watch the movie, man.

is there a un tonite?

Next Saturday

Might need housing for the saturday of t6 depending on who i find to drive me. I’m pretty chillin and i’ll follow all house rules. respect if any 1 can help me out.

The only reason why we can’t read your mind is because you’re thinking in french ebonics. :clap:

Yo kin! me you and stephen lets make a cfj video! 360/air fireball!/jumpin gunshots!!!
and ryan can be in it too sonic boom sonic boom sonic boom sonic boom…FLASH KICK!!! ohhhh sick vid!

everyone come to orbit tonight and get owned in tekken 5 by kuwaits greatest.