Toronto June 2006 Thread

Poof. :nunchuck:

CvS2 and A3 Team Canada qualifiers on Saturday June 24th

I’ll be at ORBIT next Saturday afternoon

<marN> im not coming to T7 anymore.

That doesn’t surprise me. I think he changed his mind and is going to VTYME 3 instead.

gg’s to wing ian (NOT eric cuz he played srubvel vs. scrubcom 2) and alll the 3s guys
special thanks to cruxay for the ride home…

wens the next tourny??

DarkDragon would u happen to have a Magneto Gif in the blue colour doing a standing FP animation like my avator?

Blue or any other colour besides defualt.

Nice there will be way more space inside ORBIT now.

DarkDragon: You think you can make me an avatar? I was thinking of tweaking Captain America sprites turning them into their canadian counterparts. then the american version getting beat up by the canadian counter parts ala Captain Canada. haha. T7 baby


My bad, I mixed the two… I mean Captain America.

You mean Captain Commando?

Hey hey, hows it going.
YellowS4: Nice matches at DT Funland, always fun to fight your killer dudly.

A motherfucken ANDY sighting.

Oh and I like how there is only one side to a3, good shit.

andy?!?! last i heard, he was giving rub and tugs for $15 at the Korean massage parlour

Stephen I was hoping you can make me a T7 avatar when you get some free time. Something with Ryu, Ken or Akuma or CVS2 Sagat,Bison, Rugal or just plain anything. Please and thank you.

orbit tomorrow reaching
i’ll be there from like 4->whenever

Learn to use Sauga vocabulary correctly please.

“I’m reaching orbit tomorrow, REEEEEEEACH!” would be a better way to say it.

I’m reaching orbit tomorrow, REEEEEEEACH!

but i’ll be late…probrably like 8:30-9:00 late. I might REEEEEEEEEACH before dinner, i’ll have to see.

ggs to everyone
wing mm nx friday, same with noodles, same with s4.
3s was garbage. 1 cab and it was getting whored by toptiers.
met will today, what a cool guy. mm 3s?

for the record, I got a 3-4 game win streak on Green with Mags/IM/Psyc…beeeeeeaast

I was sandbagging. :o