Toronto June Thread 2008

Is this even worth making anymore? The May thread drew 45 posts.

Mid Summer Meltdown in 2 months. Pre-register please

2D Fighter Online. New P2P and the best way to play 3rd Strike online.

LF: hd-dvds and blu-ray movies doesn’t work. Sounds like someone set us up the bomb.’s actual address has moved to

Funland is closing on July 31st, due to money reasons…Anyone wanna do up a tourney there ?

kymah sux…

Want to go to Wonderland and get ditched?

Wow, Funland’s closing? shit, that blows

:tup: 2DF is back up. God bless this site and it’s perfect online 3S. :tup:

Fuck Funland. I hope it implodes on itself and takes all the scum with it.

I want to play online 3s, but they won’t let me.

“registration only takes a few minutes”

It has been 45 minutes.

45 is a few.

Faisal; if you still have problems just PM Damdai. He runs 2DF and he’s on SRK constantly.

It’s been 2 hours for me

Quan is like the Lord Magnus of Toronto, stealing people’s shit and owing people money.

Fuckin awesome.


Is this that DS thing? haha.

He stole JS’s zippo and cigarettes apparently and in all likelyhood stole the DS as well.

That long drawn out extended post at the time seems like a pretty diabolic way to try to shift the blame on to someone else.

the one that says JS Master on it?! Damn, I remember when JS left it in my car a while back…he was so happy to get it back.

:rolleyes: This guy is co-running T9? :rolleyes:


[13:47] Noodleman: what’s the min wage at now? is it $10?
[13:47] Justin - At Work - Happy to be grinding away at Bell: LOL I have no idea man. I’ve never worked for minimum wage at any point in my life.
[13:47] Noodleman: neither have I lmao
[13:48] Noodleman: silver spooning