Toronto June Thread 2008

Email problem has been fixed with 2DF. If you haven’t got an email yet then re-apply.

I thought min wage was $8? Not that I would ever work for that.

Collateral is the only way to deal with scumbags.

i joined 2df

i had to google it. It’s $8.75 as of march 2008. it’s $9.50 march 2009 and $10.25 in march 2010

How’d it run for you?

It’s ok, but I find there’s kind of an input lag; might be my controller, but when i play offline, it’s fine.

I couldn’t even safe roll. Maybe it was lag? I’m not sure.

What settings do you have your video and audio on?

What kind of converter are you using? A lot of people report lag when it comes to USB converters. I’m using the Joybox5 and it runs perfectly. I’ve never had a problem with input delay when it comes to 2DF. I think Cyrus had a tutorial somewhere to fine tune USB ports to reduce input delay as well (Cyrus any help?)

I didn’t make any changes to video or audio settings. I don’t recall ever seeing options to tweak that to be honest.

Twin USB joystick converter, from Pacific Mall. It’s blue, has two ports, and lights up.

yo nagata
u know any peeps going to evo this yr?
was hoping to have a team canada thing going

I’ll be attending as is a group from Ottawa. I’ll be honest in saying I haven’t asked around much as it concerns GTASF attendance though. I’ll update you if things change.

almost past last month post total in two days…

bleach is godtier in manga news right now

fuck bleach.

Nagata, FIGHT ME!

Just like to note that Toronto scrubs are on 2DF and they are claiming that they taught pros…what the hell are you guys breeding over there…

:wgrin: I did… you lost… a lot. :wgrin:

We can’t keep Funland scrubs from buying computers. If you haven’t heard of the player and they say they’re from Toronto you’ve got a pretty good indication of their skill level.

GG’s with Jim, Kin, and Cyrus tonight. I saw Chun in the lobby but didn’t get a chance to play him.

Oh shit, Cyrus hiding.

cause he stole my HRAP.

I lost a lot indeed, but I was coming back before that lag hit…

Cyrus steals things? That’s impossible

Hey do you know if they’re going all the way to 0 at once or will they stop at like -80 or something?

And yes it’s the manga to read right now

I wish I knew, general consensus around some other manga forums was that they were going to go to -100 and stop, but clearly the arc isn’t finished yet, I just hope to see what Ichigo’s dad is up to in the past.