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There and back again: An ECC9 Log

So we’re on our way to ECC after meeting up with Roger’s car at STC.

We’re making good time.

And then, Tony decides to go pick up his friend Ed who all of a sudden decided to go too. So we tell Roger we’ll meet up with him at the border.

It takes us 45 mins to pick up Ed, who we find out later doesn’t even play Street Fighter, doesn’t join any tourneys, and spends the majority of the time passed out behind the pool tables at Eight on the break. More on Ed later.

So we’re off to ECC. Again.

We reach the border after being stuck in Traffic before the border for about an hour. We call Roger who’s at the Wendy’s on the other side and tell him we’ll be there soon. How wrong we were.

We pull up the customs officer’s booth.

Customer officer: ID’s please.

We hand him our ID’s.

CO (to everyone in the car): Where were you born?
Tony: Bangladesh
Ed: Russia
Wing: Hong Kong
Ian: Umm I forgot what Ian said.
Kin: Toronto.

CO (to Tony): Can you prove you were born in Bangladesh?
Tony: No.

CO (to Wing, who is smoking): How old are you?
Wing: 20.

CO (to me): Do you have photo ID
Me: No.

So far we have a car with a person who claims he was born in Bangladesh but can’t prove it, someone who is smoking but looks 12, someone from Russia, and someone with no photo ID. And it’s memorial day weekend. Can someone guess what happened next?

CO: Get out of the car and go to immigration.

We spend an hour there explaining what we were doing and where we were going. When the officer asks tony what game he is playing, he goes “Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and GGXX, which is Guilty Gear XX.” Jesus Christ, just say street fighter.

Anyways, they end up tossing the car and opening everyone’s bags. We had a bag from Roger’s friend (Danny) because it didn’t fit in Roger’s car. Traces of weed. They let us go because it was only traces.

So why were we stopped in the first place?

Because Ed was wearing a T-Shirt that had a guy in a wheelchair smoking a joint. Good stuff. Then, as we are leaving, we pass by four officers, and they point and laugh at Ed’s Shirt.

Officer: Do you have any weed on you?
Ed: Not TODAY.

(Jesus Christ)

Officer: What’s in your pocket? Pull your hands out.
Ed: Nothing.

Ed: I know why you are wearing sunglasses, because you want
to hide your eyes; so you can hide the truth.
Officer: Son, my eyes are the truth. If we caught any weed on
you, we would of charged you. Have a nice day.

I swear to God, we were one step away from getting a full body cavity search. If you wanted to get raped by four guys, there are other ways to do it Ed.

So then we leave for ECC. Does the ride get any easier?


Do you know why? Because Tony has either ADD or a hearing problem. He has two volumes for his CD player: Super loud or super soft.

So when we try to sleep, he starts blasting his music, and we all wake up. Then he’ll put it really low, and we’ll start to fall asleep again. And then, as if he forgot he likes his music loud, he pumps it up again. This went on for the whole freakin trip. Just kill me.

Anyways, we’re driving along making good time, following the map that Tony printed out from the Eight on the break website.

We finally end up in Newark, New Jersey and start looking for Washington street and North Ave. We find Washington street and start driving up and down, looking for the intersection. No luck. What the fuck. We ask for directions. “Umm, North Ave doesn’t exist.” Oh good, this is going to be fun.

Turns out, the tournament is in Dunellen, NJ, 20 miles from Newark. How we figured the tournament was in Newark is beyond me, but off we go to Dunellen. We finally arrive at the Break.

Wow, the place is packed.

Not because there’s too many people, but because a lot of people were twice the size of normal people. Anyways, I start watching some random matches (because we missed the team tourny) and find out that Ricky Ortiz has chosen to be on a team by himself. R4 Sagat. And he’s beasting on everyone. You’d be like “I’m hitting him! I’m winning!” Then he hits you with R4 Crouching fierce and you’re done.

That shit is broken. And he wins the tournament too. By himself. That kid is too good. Someone should sell him on eBay.

So we meet up with the rest of the TO crew and head off to motel 6. We decide to stick 10 people in one room with 2 beds. And it ain’t pretty

I don’t now if you know this, but after a full day being stuck in a car, people start to stink. And when you multiply that by 10, it starts getting fucking rancid. You could cut the stink in our room with a knife.

Whatever, I played games all night anyways, I don’t remember sleeping.

Day 2 of ECC, Saturday:

CvS2 and 3rd Strike Tourneys are today.

Man, I’m hungry. What is there to eat? I see a sign for break steaks. What’s a break steak? A philly cheese steak made at the break. Wow, how innovative.

I swear I ate too many of those. I think I got owned by the break steaks more than I got owned in the Tourney.

Anyways, they call my pool up for CvS2 (pool number #5). Oh goody! I get to play soon. So I wait around the DDR area. Half an hour goes by. An hour. An hour and a half. Somethings not right here.

Then I hear : Ok, pool number #1 is starting soon.

Why the fuck did you call my pool if I’m not up yet?
Fuck that, I’m gonna eat another break steak.

I finally play my match like 6 hours later.


1st match. Kymah vs I forget.

Toughest match I’ve ever fought in my life. The TO crew was gathered all around when they called my name up to the playing area. I hook up my DC gamepad, which is the sickest controller ever, configure my keys and…

Wait. For my opponent. Who never shows up. And gets DQ’d.

Whoohoo!!! Fucking idiot. Who the fuck gets DQ’d at a tourny?!? They call your name, so fucking stay in the area. I was laughing.

2nd match. Kymah vs Alex Nevarro.

Ok, I had no idea who this guy was. But he beats Arturo Sanchez later on in the final 16.

I pick C-Yun/Kyo/Todo-2. No really, this is my real tourney team.

He picks C-Sagat/Ryu/Blanka. My yun tears through his Sagat, then loses to Cammy. Cammy beats out Kyo, but I was able to take her down to half life. Then Todo finishes her off.

Out comes Blanka. Hop Hop RC Electrcity. Repeat x 999.

Oh look, I’m dead.

This is pretty much what happened the 2nd time too. My Yun takes out both Sagat and Cammy. Then Blanka takes out my team. Wow. Where did my life go?

I hate Blanka. Because I suck. And because he’s cheap. Anyways, losers brackets is where I am.

Loser’s match 1

5…4…3…2…1…DQ!!! I win again! lol stupid idiots getting DQ! Free breakfast.

LM 2. Some guy I ocv’d with Yun

LM3. Played Some guy from Ottawa. JR or something. Match went ok, had to switch to Sakura the 2nd time, because Cammy eats Kyo for breakfast. Lost to him with an inch of my life left.

That’s ok, I had fun, and showed people watching some Yun stuff.

Anyways, I’ve been in this arcade for like 8 hours now.

They called 2 pools of 3rd strike, but they hadn’t called my pool yet or annouced my name. I thought I’d just go outside for a sec to make a phone call.

I stroll back in feeling refreshed and energized.

I see Ian.

Kymah: Hey Ian, what’s up?
Ian: Umm…You got DQ’d from 3rd Strike.
Kymah: HAHAHA DQ! idiots! hah…wait…who got DQ’d?
Ian: You did.
Kymah: Shit.

Yep, poetic justice. Goddammit, now I have to fight my way outta losers.

3rd Strike

Losers brackets Match 1:

Some guy using Urien III.

I hate Aegis. But some how I beat him with my Ghetto Yun SA III. All the matches were pretty close though. I had to activate Genei Jin and Shoulder tackle under his Mirror for the win. I thought that was cool. Someone was sitting behind us filming the match for the guy i beat. I turn around and there’s this giant camera in my face. “Jesus!” I almost fell of my chair. I don’t know why he was filming my face. I think they are going to find me and kill me in my sleep.

Match 2 of losers.

Lost to some guy’s ken III in very close matches.

So I’m all out for the tournys. Stuff happens, people qualify, then we go back to the hotel for some R&R.

And then Jason Cole and Baltimore Chun walk into our room…

In retrospect, I think they walked in the night before. When you don’t sleep for 3 days straight, it all becomes one big blur. Anyway, that’s not the point.

Cole and Chun are two cool brothas. Not brothers, Brothas. Really down to earth. Cole’s a laid back kinda guy. Baltimore? totally different spectrum. Especially when he’s loaded. I woke up to a drunken conversation between him and Wing.

Baltimore Chun: Oh dear God!, you are one skinny mother fucker!
Wing: …
B-more Chun: I could fucking break you in two! Doesn’t your momma feed you son?
Wing: …
B: You know what you need?
Wing: what’s that?
B: A black girl. A big black girl, who can feed you man.
Wing: …
B: In fact, you’re so skinny, everytime I see you, I’m gonna buy you a sandwich, and if you don’t eat it, I’m gonna kick your skinny little ass!

I decided to go back to sleep.


US Food owns Canadian food bar none. A combo at taco bell canada is like 2 tacos, fries and a drink. Fries suck. In the us, taco bell doesn’t have any fries. you get tacos on the side. Like I got a combo with a mexican pizza, 2 taco supremes and a big ass drink. A Taco combo has 2 tacos, 2 more tacos on the side and a drink.

They also have resturants that don’t exsist in canada. Like white castle. Combo #1 at white castle is 4 hamburgers, fries and a drink. Combo # 4 is 20 :eek: hamburgers and 4 fries. I’m suprised the entire US hasn’t died off yet.

end sidebar

Day 3 of ECC (Sunday)

Well, this is the day that Tony wanted to leave. First thing in the morning, because he claims it takes 15 hours to get back to TO. Tony, as long as you don’t bring your crackhead friends, it doesn’t take 15 hours.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because none of us qualified. But since I came all the way here, I wanted to watch the finals, so I was able to find a spot in Noodleman’s van.

I get a ride from Tony, because they deicde to grab a bite to eat from the break before leaving for Toronto. Not the greatest place to eat, but whatever.

We arrive to find Nagata Lock II giving hellfire and brimestone to Demon Hyo. Apparently, Ian was knocked out of CvS2 by someone who had already lost twice. So Ian gets to play Josh Wong to qualify.

Now, shouldn’t that be great news? Something to cheer for? I think so. Tony, on the other hand says “screw you guys, I’m going home” and ditches Ian. What the fuck? So that means had anyone in his car qualified, they risked being stranded in NJ if they played in the final 16. Go play in traffic Tony.

Anyways, Ian doesn’t beat Josh Wong, and goes to sleep behind the pool tables. Oh, and Danny is there too. He’s been there the entire 3 days, slumped in a feral position, as if he’s been shot, Or maybe he had too many break steaks, I don’t know what’s worse.

The CvS2 finals were quite exciting, especially with 4 Canadians in the final 16. Flo doesn’t show up to his match with Alex and get’s DQ’d. But Alex lets him play the match anyways, and destroys him. Flo, by the way, is huge. And he’s not getting any healthier.
When the Marvel final 16 started, it was so crowded that the directors starting taking away stools from the people watching, because there was no room. Flo HID his stool behind him. That shows 2 things:

A. He’s so fat he HAS to sit down all the time.
B. He’s so fat he can hide a stool behind him. They never saw it.

But I’m getting off topic.

I saw Veasna playing Justin Wong, and beating him with roll activate. That’s text book Clayton. I saw Eric almost beat Justin Wong, and then almost getting OCV’d by him. Stop being scared of him. He won’t eat you.

Anyway, we went back to the hotel shortly there after.

I’m staying in Team Brampton/Sauga’s room. Which has no lock on the bathroom. I see Cate going to the washroom. Shortly afterwards, Gerjay goes towards the bathroom. Now I knew someone was in there, but I didn’t know there was no lock. So I didn’t say anything. And Gerjay opens the door. “Oh my God!” And then he runs away. Doesn’t even bother to close the door.

We had a random select tournament after, and Alex won that. By beating Roger. Who was so piss drunk, he kept laughing everytime he JD’d something. Actually, he laughed at everything. And still almost beat Alex.

Monday morning, time to go home.

That’s pretty much the end of the road. We pass by customs with no problems this time, because out car has 3 asians, 2 caucasians, 1 black guy and a partridge in a pair tree.

We play various games to pass the time, like the animal game, where you say an animal and the next person has to say another animal that starts with the last letter of that animal, i.e.

Kin: Anteater
Gerjay: Rabbit
Noodleman: Tarantula
Justin: Umm…Animal

And the food game, same thing, just with food:

Noodleman: Pop
Justin: Pea
Kin: Apple
Gerjay: Umm… Edible Food

Man, there was just too much things that happened. Can’t remember them all. Anyways, I had a good time. Everyone should go to at least one National in their lifetime.

Well, it’s getting late boys and girls.

Speaking of girls, Empire Arcadia girls are like the town bicycle.

Rice and Gravy.


Kin “kymah” Mah

HAHAHA Kin!!! Oh man… that’s fucking funny. If I went, all of this wouldn’t of happened.

I don’t even know why I read a toronto post, but that’s so funny. :smiley:

Least you all made it.

holy shit kin, that’s the best ECC log i’ve read so far! I couldn’t stop laughing while reading it!


Those T&P pajama pants were off the hizzle yo! AHAHA so when are you going to enlighten everyone with your “floater” story??? :lol:

the guy who plays harry potter is a fag!
like x-sapphire

There and back again: An ECC9 Log

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: OH MY GOD! BEST CONVO EVER! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hahahhahahaha Kin got DISQUALIFIED! :lol:

he coulda qualified too, he had such an easy 3S pool

hahahhahahahhaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh man, that log was the shizzle.

That reminds me of when we went to MWC with Tony and the idiot told them he had a green card. You know it’s bad when I have a terrorist beard and I’m NOT the one they’re giving problems to.

you guys seriously need to slap that Ed kid.

Kin, you forgot about Shen from Montreal did the same bathroom shit…I tried to warn him, but he rushed down the door like a mad man…

And in the car, Kin scammed us the fuck out with his stupid movie game. Someone should check if he actually use the right answers for his bullshit.

There and back again: An ECC9 Log

:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh man, the name games were so fun. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: All I have to say is “animal.” :lol: :lol:

"Flo, by the way, is huge. And he’s not getting any healthier. "


ggs jay/rock/sapphire…
we need to play more man

Dam man i’m suprised you "can"remember all of that that and actually have the time and patience to type it down,congrats to you.And some weird day that was,read most of it tho.

Oh snap!!!11

Techrock you may want to sit down…


Anywho i will post pics once i get em!!

she got a old lady haircut :stuck_out_tongue:

I got more free time now cuz i quit one of my jobs. so whens the next 3s tourny or the next time ppl gonna be at orbit.

Yo, do you sell dreamcast Powercables and A/V Cables at your store?

I lost them when Tony’s car was tossed.

purple haze.