Toronto March 2006 Thread

Just as a heads up…

Montreal Annual Tournament is on the 17th - 18th

York University Tournament is on the 25th

Wing; I’ll be in the area on Thursday March 9th if you’re available to play.

Are we allowed to talk brown in this thread too? Or will cruxay start crying again?


now gtfo!

you’re just an asshole when it comes to making threads aren’t you

I’ll be there. Who else is going?


What’s the arcade like up there?

…that went well.

EDIT: Welcome, Son of a Glitch.

lol. DDR > you.

The world is going insane.

If u guys ever want some dota lessons feel free to come by the channel.

If i ever want a dota lesson, i’m FOR SURE gonna go to the cN channel.

hey Matt if you ever want Marvel 2 lessons…

…Sorry Matt

hAHAH sorry matt

ahahahahah omfg bahahhaa

the poor guy just asked for it…

sorry matt.

wow you guys replied really really fast

if i ever want dota lessons i’ll … wait a sec … if i ever want a good game of dota, i’ll come to channel cn to ask jiggabry … but if YOU ever want some REALLY GOOD dota lessons, you are welcomed ANYTIME to channel TOSF and get tutored by hebrew[h]ero and G-royd …

but i want to learn marvel … so im going to goto channel c-royd

…sorry matt

You guys should put up money.

G3nn’s the worst dota player I’ve ever seen and the rest of you arent far ahead of him.

yeah seriously, $20 a head dota match, you dont want it with clan cN

what a way to start up the month

Oh boy… Sauga vs TOSF 3 on 3 this time around. Can I watch the match?

well dota is 5 mans

I dont even think toronto has 3 good dota players so they probably wont bet it.