Toronto March 2006 Thread

quoted for truth

edit: we’d have to play at a lan so people dont bitch out and not pay. also, i dont think anyone wants to bet on ar…whether its ap or normal select…bet it!

dragon; im getting owned up by school =(

ill be around more again after march is over.

i accept that matt (100 dollar dota match)
i got 5 players (prolly not including me, gotta check roster)
channel clan FrC
and our subaffiliates
clan fook

EVERYONE is tosf, hell everyone goes to york like me (in my clan)

“…” you know who this is for …

you know what you did, and what did was wrong. Im disapointed in you.

Clan cN is The Bombdizzle!

I agree with matt about g3nn btw

not on cliff’s team called it.

Poeta and C-Royd vs any 2 people in 3s for Four dollars. Bet it.

you guys are all pussies so you probably won’t bet it.

I just read in a thread called “Why The Hell Not @ The Games Skybox on 03/04/2006 (CvS2, MvC2, CvS1, GG: Isuka TT)” that the tournament was cancelled. Nagata Lock II, what’s the current status of this tourney? Is it still on for the 25th or not?:confused:

The only game me and Matt have played in together in the last 3 months, was AR where I went 2-3 using Panda for the second time ever and Matt went 1-16 using Sven with the screen name “BeefedUpSven”. Own yourself harder please. Sorry Matt.

And Marvin, you’re absolutely horrible. You run around by yourself and do nothing. No one ever even knows you’re in their game. Whatever it is you think you’re playing, it isn’t Dota… so I dont care what you think of my game haha.

They’re completely different events. One was scheduled for this Saturday on a whim and the other is booked by Cyrus at York University on 03/25.

The was might be abit subtle, so that he doesn’t get confused, the one that WAS on this coming saturday is cancelled due to busted sticks and no techs.

Thats the biggest fucking lie of all time. Thats like saying you’ll beat Bry in Marvel one day.

I was sven and couldnt do shit cause you and wing werent doing anything and we were free targets. Basically stuck 5v3 cause you’re useless.

I also rember picking the anti mage and killing you in 3 hits only for you to complain “I’m not good wiht this hero blah blah blah iim good with pudge”

Then some other game u pick pudge and never landed a single hook.

Whatever… since I posted, its been confirmed that it happened with two other people in the game. I was useless, which is why YOU went 1-16 (and I went 2-3). You were Sven, you had Clinkz and Sniper as teamates… and it’s my Panda’s fault that you went 1-16. Make more unbelievable excuses please. Sorry Matt.

And please try harder to shift focus to Dota away from going 0-5 at the 5v5 and losing to Marvin. Sorry Matt.

Anybody driving from Bramladesh to York that weekend?

…that went well.

play me when i have an american stick for money

No PS2 either cause thats not marvel.

And i remember that game now

it was me james poeta you and wing. Since i doubt you talked to james or poeta I’ll just assume you’re lying again. I wasnt 1 - 16 but i do remember giving up cause u sucked so much and i knew it was over.

You honestly suck shit at dota. Bet it or stfu. Now lets wait 2 years for g3nn to get good at dota so he can accept the money match.

Too give you an idea how much I think you suck, if you could replicate your skill level into 4 other players, I’d bet $100 that I could beat all 5 of you.

id bet it vs 5 g3nns.

edit: just to clarify, i remember that game well…i used to think wing was good at dota so i was really suprised when him and g3nn were wandering around either doing nothing or getting other people killed because we tried to save them. im not talking shit, im being completely serious. not all of tosf sucks, but you guys definatly dont have a good team.

haha you cant beat Marvin and you want to play me for money? Still a long way for you to go… sorry matt.

And your “wait 2 years for g3nn to get good at Dota” haha proves that you know I’ll be better than you soon. Just like Marvel. Dont forget I’ve been playing Dota for only a couple of months. Anyone who wants to talk shit about me when I’ve played less than everyone else… go ahead. I’ll laugh in your face when I’m better than you. Just like Marvel. Sorry Matt.

You’ve never beaten me in Marvel when I’ve played on an american stick. Wow I lose to a scrub one time on jap sticks and all of a sudden it means theyre better than me? If thats the case then Jason Ma Owns Eric for free at CvS2 and Cito fucking owns you at marvel.

I’ve only been playing dota since July thats like 4 months more than you which really isnt a lot.

And no you’ll never be better than me in dota, I dont even think you’re better than me in Marvel to be honest.

I’ve never said anywhere that I’m good at Dota. You just came along and started talking shit to me when Marvin pointed out where you need to go for Marvel lessons. Keep talking shit about my two-month old Dota game when you go 1-16 being a BeefedUpSven… it doesnt really bother me. You’re the one who cares about it, and you’re the one who’s fucking horrible at it. Eventually, I’ll just quietly rape you into not signing on BNet just like all of TOSF raped you into not coming to Orbit.

0-5 in the 5v5. Lost to Marvin. Sorry Matt.

You were only 2 - 2 . . .

pretty bad for toronto’s “best” marvel player.

While dark dragon who hates / doesnt play the game was able to win 4.

BTW since you wanna live in the past, we should re-run the 5on5 on console so its actually a straight match up. I wonder what excuses tosf will have for that one.

You think I’m TO’s best marvel player? I’ve never said that, so it must be your opinion. Wow. Holy shit… thanks man! I had you figured all wrong. You’re not so bad.

How can you use “excuse” in the same sentence as TOSF? YOU wanted the 5v5. YOU knew where it was. YOU got raped. YOU complained. YOU made excuses. We never complained, made any excuses, nothing. We showed up and owned you… all the excuses came from YOUR side.

So what you SHOULD be saying is… “I wonder what excuses sauga will have after we lose that one.”