Toronto March Thread 2004

It’s me again. :smiley:

YellowS4, tell me if you’re going to DT funland this week.

I might go this week, since I’m done midterms.

OMG. hi2u!

jay wang is a fucking cheater in minesweeper

Oh shit, mr.slick is still alive.

tosf KBBQ

I was actually at DT Funland on Tuesday and the 3rd Strike machine was fucked…I don’t know if it’s been fixed, but I thought I’d let people know!!!



How long has this site been up?

Man, anyone that sees this site before walking into that hole is going to be sorely disappointed.

if i was to hold a tourny do you guys think the metro guy would let me have it there at metro. regardless of the fact that he has no idea who i am

no … the only people who can host tournies are

js and DrunkenB.

when is next tourney

why not

Don’t pay attention to him, he’s an idiot.

Anyway; just talk to Roger (the guy who runs it) and tell him that you’d like to run a 3S (I assume that’s what you want) tournament. Make sure you have a solid date and give them at least two weeks notice (otherwise it’ll look like you wanted this on the spur of the moment). I can’t see why Roger wouldn’t let you do it.

Dude… #tosf on IRC was gay today. I post in the wrong channel (I thought I was on SRKGD). Next thing i know…Bam, I’m banned. W…T…F .

<Ph[A]ntoM> these…“HI i’m NEW…pay attenion to me” Threads have got to stop.
<yellowS4> shutup
<Ph[A]ntoM> make me
<Ph[A]ntoM> goof
<Ph[A]ntoM> if u don’t wanna talk…then leave

You asked for it by talking back to an op in the channel. Either way, the bans arn’t forever you can come back in after a while.

i think you should ban this sand nigga forever

how about ops? ;\

Damn somalians aka sand niggers

GGs to everyone at Orbit today ==> Team Brampton, Wing, Fong, Real Fong, etc. Haven’t been to Orbit on a Sat afternoon in a looooong time.

-15 game win streak
-my r2 Sagat perfected Ken’s r2 Cammy
-me and Gordon were owning up til Nagata beat us =/
-teAM HuGgLeZ came back to get a few more wins