Toronto May Thread 2008

Might as well, since I’m still awake.

have mercy (full house)

I don’t like curt…

there…that should get some drama going

:rolleyes: You and everyone else in the GTASF. Change your name to DropTheObvious. :rolleyes:

psh, if you want to start drama with curt, just call him fat. Justin, that was just an example! please don’t eat me!

List of Side Tournaments @ Bus Fare. Please post in thread if interested.

Finally finished exams. I’ll be at orbit/playscape after 4pm today for mvc2. Hope to see some people there.

wow i can’t believe my hit confirm skills are so good

too bad you’re not showing up on sat to get owned in cvs2. by me.

so when are they gonna close down orbit for good?

what’s an orbit?

toronto sucks.

I saw Redbelt tonight. Great movie, I recommend everyone check it out.

Went to Getty today, was closed, so Crux and I went to Playscape, good games went down with a chinese guy who throws a fit when he gets smoked…by Crux.


oh, it was in mid afternoon…so Crux told me the guy opens whenever he wants to.


I was in too, but Jim’s mom didn’t know what time she’d close… I guess it’s a 24 hour thing.

bah, whatever, I was in Toronto only for 3 days, 2 of those days were pretty much for my grandpa’s funeral, and then the 3rd day my plane was at like 9 pm. So I really had no time to go to Getty at the prime times.