Toronto May Thread

Stephen: Can I have a T6 avatar please? :sad:

I met the first black guy in China today!! He’s from England!Black People with British accents are too good!!
“What’s this rubbish in my beverage??”

CFJ Team Canada final spot qualifying tourny

Date: Friday, May 20th
Location: Orbit
Time: 6pm - 7pm sign-ups, 7:30pm start.
Fee: Same as last time.

Excluded from this tourny of course are the current members of Team Canada, CFJ.

If there’s not enough entrants, Round Robin Format will be in effect.

Winner gets the 5th spot on Team CFJ Canada, and a mystery prize!

should i bring my leo and anakaris to this tourny

Ed the sock called out barry and made him put some gay matt in front of the camera.

Hey guys, I have a question. What’s a good bar in east Toronto? I’m coming up on Saturday and want to have a few drinks with my Toronto friends and the TOSF crew.

it’s ummmm…my birthday on Wednesday and London is lame.


I’ve got a birthday party on Saturday as well so I won’t see you. Happy birthday thought Nassim. I’m always partial to The Resevoir Lounge but it may be a bit more pricey that most people would like to spend.

What kind of bar? like a pub, or a bar with music and girls?

I prefer pub-type places, but hey, I’m all for girls. Just somewhere where I can get beer and wings and chill with friends.

There’s a Jackastors by Scarborough Town Centre, the bar is busy fri/sat nights. There’s also a Milestones across the street.

If you just wanna chill, there’s alot of pubs. there’s one at kennedy/ellesmere, etc.

Yeah, but if you want somewhere cool, you gotta go downtown

well…somewhere that’s accessible for everyone I guess.

oh, and someplace that actually has parking :razzy:

HOOTERs HOOTERS HOOTERs as long as you can put up wit dumb bithces who forget your order

Hooters may well be the worst bar chain in the world. The giant tits on their servers only go so far before you realize you’re in an absolutely garbage bar with the worst service (and menu) on Earth.

I had pretty good service the one and only time I went to Hooters. I only had beer there, so I don’t know how good their food is.

QSL>any other wing place EVER.

are u gonna come down to t6 now that we have #r or are u gonna sit home and watch ichigo 100%?

lol dude i dun play games anymore besides those random dateing games lol. I think ive played maybe 10 times since evo, and thats just cuz of tournies.

Also I dont play GG on arcade, I dont like the layout, I can only play sf on stick. So even if i wanted to go, i couldnt go cuz of that. =[ Sorry. Good luck to all you guys though.

so yeah, the tentative plan is the Fox & Fiddle on Kennedy & Ellesmere, this Saturday around 7 or 8ish.

anyone who wants to come is welcome.

haha when did this happen?

I want a t6 avatar too… :confused:

Btw, Stephen, something fucked up with the PCB on your stick, so I’m replacing it with a new PCB. For some reason, the X button just didn’t work, even though I desoldered it & soldered it back on. I should have it fixed up by this weekend, so check /w Marc about that.

Thanks for going through all the trouble. Make a total of all the expenses and ill pay u for it. What kinda av u want?

Adrian: It was sunday night.