Toronto May THREAD


it is may …







Porn is good !


herny: come to orbit next friday so i can own u up in GGXX :evil:


multimedia keyboard is not usb -_-



Whos this Herny? Which character he uses??

And when the fuck will Orbit get #Reload!!??



Eric; are you free on Wednesday afternoon. I’m going to start crazy training in GGXX in the hopes I can OK in it at ECC9. I could use some practice against some actual live players so your help would be appreciated.


eric sucks
hahahahhah :evil:


when and where is ecc9?

and anyone know if any of the game stores in pmall have this gamecube controller


wario ware inc is too ill holla


fine, wat time?
keep in mind, i havent played ggxx for a LONG time, but whatever



ya sure i’m meeting ROC there ne wayz, i should be in Orbit around 4pm.

Blue zero: Herny is sum random potemken user

herny: go there fri afterschool, i’m gonna have to own u up with my top tier BAIKEN. and darkdragon as well :evil:


HAHA my hopes are with ya man…US ggxx players are…meh…

edit: but then again, they might be using #R…so your gonna get fucked up…fuck u orbit


i beat X-Sapphire, fool!
ok, friday afterschool sounds good

X-Sapphire: i beat you in GGXX AND CVS2 hahaha


Shit, Fuck.


To Will: Everyone will miss you. And you’re like a brother to me. A white…skinny…loud…drinks a lot of corona…brother.

and on that note, T3 is coming.


I’m sorry to see you go Will. You made fun of me… a lot… for years… but it was all in good fun. Much success to you in San Francisco and hopefully I’ll see you at EVO2K4 where you’ll undoubtedgly make fun of me… again… for three days. WHY DO I LIKE THIS GUY AGAIN?!


u dont … ur just trying to act cool and make people like by sucking up like u do evertime… chunk muffin…

sat owned me for free.


didn’t know will that much but he was one of the good white people i could call friend. see ya around will peace


Good luck in San Francisco, Will. Your hard work promoting the SF scene in Toronto will be missed. As will the random “beeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooops” and the harlem shake noises.


Take it easy bud,