Toronto mayor smokes crack, apparently


This would explain his erratic behaviour. I hate that the source came from Gawker. Part of me hopes that the story is false so that it blows up in their face.

I don’t know if there’s a video floating around, since the guys who have the original video are trying to sell it.

Then there’s this:

If he’s not given the boot now, then nothing will remove him from office.

It was pointed out that the guy on the left was killed. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the issue at hand, but we’ll see.


When you’re going to be caught in a political scandal, make sure to bring a towel!


I didn’t even know they had crack in Canada.

Even in the whitest place on earth, black people find a way.


The country birthed Nickelback, what more could you expect?


More like White people always find a way to get something in they system, with their mouthwash drinking asses.


Goddamn bitch set him up.


The real Carpet Lint exposed?


That is sick dope.
Nigga goes hard.


Ford is a slug, he’ll slide out of this with no problems.


This time, not likely. But if he somehow isn’t forcibly removed from office, I hope he would have the sense to resign and go get some help. I don’t want my hometown to be run by a known crack smoker. What kind of image does that project to others?


I smoke rocks


Oh, NMA.


No one here remembers Marion Barry…?


I remember Marion Barry. I grew up in the D.C. area during the “Reagan” years. SMH!!!


Not if someone puts salt in the doorway.

Or in his case, rock salt.


Another druggy politician.


I bet his favorite movie is Rocky…


turrible. you should have fucking said scarface.


Yeah lots of people talking about this lately. He wasn’t a popular mayor anyways. I live just a short distance from Toronto, and my city is literally the crack capital of Canada. I’m honestly not even shocked when I meet somebody from my past and they go into this whole story about crack ruining their lives. Got damn, this entire area (known as The Golden Horseshoe) is a fucking ghetto.

But yeah, smoking rocks as a big tubby white guy is just hilarious. Fuck him for trying to take down Trudeau too. He’s a Canadian Kennedy, you don’t fuck with that.