Toronto November Thread


I should have been Black Mamba


Eric; I’m coming to METRO next Friday for some casual before apparently playing Dominos with Marvin (KEY THAT SHIT BITCH! BLAH!). BRING MY DVD’S OR I’LL KILL YOU!

EDIT: Jay is there a UN this month?



yeah, I use the forward, and I get the ducking under, but how do you get the SAIII out soo fast? I can never get it out in time, so I usually just go for the throw, and yeah, funland is soo broken, high damage Hugo :smiley:


UN is on the 8th…

Pete, uhh… just practise? Just do the super as if you’re going to connect it normally?




I am looking for Majong players


mj? wat for?


im so good at chess


i love mahjong



pete ill teach you everything you need to know about dudly


The Matrix


Sexual harassment panda ownz you all.


Jay: thanks, yeah I think my problem was not actually linking the super from the ducking under, but trying to do it seperatly, but thanks for the advice.

AngryBlack: Nice, I could always use some advice. I don’t go to Annex very often, and my ass is pretty broke, but whenever you want to get together, or anytime you come to funland, just tell me


roger came in 4th place in MWC!!
oh yea team STC!


… brew master.
ian… PALESE … u and chess… pfsssh i own that game for free… ask eric… i owned him in thomson… CHESS CLUB MASTER!!!


you’re so cool!


THey should have GO in matrix… fucking best game.

  1. dominoes.


Hey Marvin/ C royd

I think I will go to Metro on friday, will you be there around 8 or 9?
Since I am really really bad at both CvS2 and 3S maybe you would like to practice some combos?

(This is znzf if you didn’t know already)


That video’s too good. Little did Marvin know that within an hour or so his ankle would be irrevocably damaged for the remainder of his life.