Toronto Orbit 3s Results (mar.9.2k3)

today was the arrival of big nass and team corea! haha

sorry if i dont remember characters used…

andy (hoju jr.) [elena / makoto]
ryan (kofn) [q]

stephen (darkdragon) [chunli / yang]
nass (arcticninja) [hugo / dudley]
matt (ex_matt) [ken / makoto]

gordon (tigerlee) [chunli]
ricky [ken]
francis [ken / akuma]
dennis k (shadow_fighter) [makoto]*

anthony (supapuffy) [hugo / ken]
will (will) [ken]
malayzn [urien]
darin [makoto / chun]

marvin (croyd) [yang / ryu / chun]
dennis w [dudley / ryu]

phuq yu [chun]
steve (pocari sweat) [yun / alex]

jon (jonstar!) [chun]

louie [urien / yun]

jay (yellows4) [dudley / ryu / chun]

antoine (aneurysmx) [oro / dudley / urien]


  • his placing means nothing. he didnt even pay!

It was a fun tourney despite the fact I can’t use Orbit sticks to save my life :frowning:

I got my 720s in so it’s all good :smiley:

There’s something wrong with the results. Gordon should have won! :slight_smile:

Congrats to the winners!

what?7th!!! i tought you were good , you sure you still want to bet against me

1st place!! not bad not bad!!! too bad it wasent against mtl

Tourney Report

First Match: Jay (Dudley/Chun Li) 1-2
BOOOOO!!! Why do i have to play Jay first?? It just made the tournament single elimination for me now. Game 1, he used dudley and i used yun and i won. which is like the first time that i’d won this particular matchup in a long time. then he switches to chun (wtf) and i just get raped bad. YEAH!! I LOVE LOSERS BRACKET!!!

Second Match: Gordon (Chun Li) 2-0
Ugh, another chun match. MY FAV!!! Anyways, this would have been a really tough match if Gordon had more experience playing 3S.

Third Match: Anthony (Ken/Hugo) 2-0
YEAH!!! I GOT FIRST GAME MERCY!!! Game 2, Anthony used hugo and it was another close match between us. sigh i wish gigas breaker stopped doing 80% to yun…

Fourth Match: Marvin (Chun Li/Ryu) 2-1
Ugh, going into this match i felt like i was out of the tournament already. Ever since marv got his low forward link into super down pat, i’ve never beaten his chun. Game 1 went to marv after i used a wrong poke while in genei jin and he supered me to oblivion. I was really thinking of using Urien SA3 for the second game but then i felt like if i were going to go down, might as well use a character that i’ve got good experience in. So i stuck with yun SA3 and somehow won the second game. Third game, he switched to ryu and it was a close match again. Came down to the wire but i won. YEA!!! I’d have to say that this was the best 3 games that was played in this tournament.

Fifth Match (Loser Semi-finals): Jon (Chun Li) 0-2
Chun is too good. What can i say?? Jumping straight roundhouse killed me and i ate a shitload of standing fierces trying to go in. Should have at least taken a game but oh well. Good games though.

So i end up with 5th which isn’t bad considering who i had to face and the fact that i had to fight 4 chuns out of 5 opponents. i think i’ll need to take a break from 3S for a while though. playing against that many chuns in a high level play setting is too much.

Props to Jay for running this tournament.

bah. since im so lazy… ill make a log…

First match : Steve
Bah… he already summarized it. i had to cheat and use chun li

Second match : Ryan
Damn bait out/command grab bullshit =\

Third match : Jon
shakes the machine as i parry the super

Fourth match : Antoine
… fuck urien!

Fifth match : Louie
…Yun is fucken annoying… i dont care
dive kicks own me

Finals :
Bah… i wont listen to Jon anymore…

Random :
Typical tosf jokes and shit
straw+harlem shake+maracas+desk drum
among other things

heres my log:

i beat the shit out of andy and should have beaten gordon…i need a 3s cd

the end

oh yeah, can yang do kara throws?

yes but it doesn’t really move him forward so there’s no point in doing them. if you really want to try, it’s towards+forward, the overhead kick.

Haha my report

woke up late, got there late, took forever to find parking.

Got 2 rounds of bye, had to watch guys like AngryBlack play, he cant LSP for shit.

First Match was against my favorite friend Anthony… I beat him 2-0 by cheaping him with Oro… haha his Ken is really annoying.

Second Match was against Louie, I said I’ll treat him to some weed if I beat him, he said ok. I pulled a rose outta my pocket and we smoked that.

Then I had to face Jay twice, once in winners final, the other time for the championship… good matches Jay!

Harlem shake is top tier. no wonder the girls love Jon!
Hope to see more Brupp! Brupp! the next tourney.

  1. Heero dont even bother talking shit to me because I really dont care about shit talk
  2. I never said I was good
  3. Am i the only one who noticed the Phuq Yu thing? you guys are all stupid.

1-hahahah “i really dont care abou shit talk” haha ,why did you steal our channel and why do you sometime ban people in mirc??isnt this because of the shit talk??
2-you should see how you talk in mirc

hahaha !! that’s so true :lol:

anyways, congrats to all who placed top5 :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think that its time for me and my crew to go to Toronto. :smiley: